God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Is it politically incorrect to point out that it is politically incorrect to send lots of money to the enemy of our ally and use our “friendship” status to convince our ally to surrender to her enemies?

The enemy of my friend is not my enemy is good news to the enemy of my friend but not very friendly to your friend.

I suppose it would be cutting off their nose to spite their face but if Israel politely told the U.S. to “gay kocken offen yom”, it might confirm for the world what no one will say out loud; the United States’ and Israel’s Middle East objectives are at cross purposes. At least until we oust the Arab in the White House our actions will not match our words.

Assad has been more than holding his own so far, so Barack, tiring of uncertainty, would send a half billion dollars to arm and train Al Qaeda rebels, knock off Assad, and then those guys will knock off Maliki… or is it the other way around? Barack isn’t a betting man but there is little speculation on the outcome as we fools part with our (borrowed) money to finance Muslim Terrorism. None of their creative names mean a damn thing to me and they shouldn’t to you or you and I’m sure they don’t mean bupkis to Israel. Sunni, Hamas, Al-Qaida, ISIL, makes no difference; a terrorist by any other name all have in common the same uncivilized, hate-filled, ungodly existence. To me it is just one big Muslim Brotherhood irrational war on the rest of the world. They may kill each other for sport in the interim but they would draw straws to have the honor of killing more Jews than Adolph H., destroy Israel and then go back to murdering, maiming and blaming each other. We are creating a terror society in the Middle East that one day will have the overwhelming force to match the unholy desire to eradicate Israel. If all goes according to Barack (the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam) Obama’s plan, Israel will need a miracle to survive the enemies we enable. Of course the Arabs with bad intentions always come out on the short end of the stick, because when push comes to shove, God has always been on Israel’s side, so miracles are not out of the question.

Israel asks nothing of her neighbors, produces economic benefit for most of them and provides the world with technology, medical science, untold inventions that benefit mankind and a powerful lesson in the power of prayer. Israel welcomes the citizens of her enemies to share in the benefits of living among peaceful, industrious and ingenious citizens of Israel but her people are seldom welcome in foreign lands. The irrational treatment of Jews has always been accompanied by good people doing nothing but turning their backs on a nation besieged.

We are still trying to think of one good thing Muslims have contributed to civilization and how they are tolerated for their despicable living conditions and cesspool quality hygienic habits, to say nothing of their urge to kill anything and anyone that looks at them cross eyed, wherever they impose their will on others or in their camel ridden towns.

The world is deferential and respectful to murderers and sodomists who worship the lie as much as we revere the truth but unkindly to the kindest, most productive humans on earth and never cease to feel righteous. A pox on righteousness.

The Palestinian Authority was created by Iran as a proxy, endorsed by the United Nations and financially supported by the enemies of Israel…and the United States of Obama. Most of the nations in the Middle East haven’t the combined courage to face the smallest nation on earth in combat. They do not hesitate to destroy and murder each other, but when it comes to Israel, they are like Apes in the wild which pound their chests and make obscene noises but will not attack unless their opponent is defenseless. This week the wanton murder of three helpless teenagers is the cause for celebration and chest pounding among the heroic Hamas hordes. May their flesh rot as they sip their tea and their bones bleach in the desert sun for eternity.

I hate to close on such a sour note but understand the Middle East and know that these rabid Neanderthals are already among us. They will spread like an angry rash with no antidote, until we civilized humans learn that it is not uncivilized to respond in kind to the threat of total domination through terror. The enemy we face is waging religious war for political gain. They are sworn to convert all of humanity to Islam or kill those who do not conform, while Barack Hussein Obama portends that the future must not belong to those who slander Islam. Parse that sentence my fellow Americans. It is not a phrase to be taken lightly. We are not worthy of the title “civilized” unless we eradicate evil or die trying. For America that process must start in the White House and as for Israel, they too must start in the White House, sad to say.

Our Judea Christian heritage is the cornerstone of civilization. Our entire philosophy of government is based on self determination…know that God has blessed us in His image and that truly means we cannot expect intercession unless we bring it about ourselves…and God will bless us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”





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