Chalk One Up For Islam

We’ve used the term “ultimate betrayal” on several occasions concerning Barak’s allegiance to a foreign entity, often confirmed by his own words and actions. The release of these most dangerous, high ranking operatives was an imperative from Barak’s Middle East co-conspirators, too treacherous to be carried out lawfully. They named the terms; Barak invented the dubious cover story.

In fact Obama freed six Muslim enemies of the U.S.; you have to count Bergdahl since he chose sides, defected and converted to Islam. The Pentagon did not endorse this ill advised decision. You don’t wander into enemy territory with a only a bottle of water and a compass unless you know where you’re going and what will transpire when you arrive. Sure enough, good men died as a result of Muslim attacks advantaged by privileged information in the months after Bergdahl’s defection. The odds of a loyal American soldier surviving a stroll into enemy territory are impossible. Six more precious Americans died combing this hostile territory looking for a defector. Bergdahl should be held responsible for their deaths.

He is as healthy as a hog and been kept under wraps for a debriefing to make sure that his story jibes with the official version, when he’s free to speak. Islam loving mommy and daddy can wait to hear from their wayward son whom they advised to follow his heart…Pig Latin would be less transparent than that fatherly advice between Arabic speaking people, a language they have in common with Barak.

To further insult our intelligence by telling us that the Taliban’s parting words to Bowe were “don’t come back, you will not get out alive” is fiction right out of the fertile mind of the Obama spin factory. The life expectancy of an uncooperative prisoner is hours, not days, weeks or months in the hands of these uncivilized butchers. The more accurately reported facts but less repeated are the words of praise his “captors” affectionately bestowed on the rat, more credible when accompanied by the Muslim garbs only issued in respect, that Bergdahl was honored to wear.

“When push comes to shove I will side with Islam” was not an exaggeration spoken by Barak years before his acts of betrayal became more apparent and more frequent.

What more need I add to convince every red blooded American that this is a Religious war in which the enemy would murder or convert every infidel they encounter on their way to impose an imperial, Islamic Fascist government to replace our beloved Constitutional Republic. 

Every day we delay the inevitable our wounds fester and grow deeper. The Islamic Fascist in the White House came to power on Quran inspired and advocated lies. The lies are all he has left.

Demand that Barak be removed, tried and held accountable for acts of sedition and/or treason. Remove his guns, not mine. His will corral those who resist; mine will stand down his minions.

May God Bless America that we take action in time to preserve the Judea Christian legacy that made us the beacon of liberty we once were and surely will be once more; if we act in our own best interest.












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