Coming to a Theater Near You

Actually it’s coming to your backyard like a freight train on steroids and is apt to disrupt your comfort zone in more ways than a Confucius concocted blind maze.

Mexico has the strongest anti gun laws on the Continent and beyond. They hate guns as much as Barak does and for the same reason. Barak and the Democrats (nice title for a book) think the Second Amendment is one of those confounded Rights that the forefathers got wrong. It cramps their style and delays their ambitions, which is why the Second Amendment exists. Just like in America, Mexican officials take umbrage when Juan Q. Public packs iron.

U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi inadvertently wandered into Mexico, more due to our lax border controls and third rate signage and was shown firsthand what gun control laws mean in a third class Socialist Democracy. Don’t let the word democracy fool you. As for Barak getting mad as hell or Kerry getting his shorts in a knot, mum is the word.

Governments that fear the electorate, such as Mexico and America, will stop at nothing to disarm its people and pass draconian laws in the name of public safety. But no law disarms a criminal. Laws that make gun ownership punishable for the law abiding citizen encourage and enable criminals. Not only do all of Mexico’s criminals have more weapons than the Mexican Army, they use those weapons to create lawless zones where law enforcement dares not venture. The Mexican government is ruling an unarmed population except for the criminal element, so Mexican Law enforcement goes out of their way not to engage criminals. Mexican citizens do not want to run afoul of their police or military because jail comes before justice and justice is whatever the Judge says it is. There are no get out of jail free cards for the ordinary citizen but drug dealers have influence, preference and the great equalizer…money and guns; and they know who to kill to keep the scales balanced in their favor when they can’t buy the justice they prefer.

Barak has exhausted every ploy imaginable to get our guns or get us to give up the Second Amendment, even trying to get the U.N. to tell us guns are bad for us, to no avail. They call taking guns from honest citizens getting guns “off the street”. It sounds so official and efficient. There are probably 300 million guns or more that could possibly face the opposition, should Barak get tough about his penchant to disarm us, so he’s gone to the other extreme, trying to outgun us. Every agency from the Department of Education to the EPA is armed to the teeth and has stockpiles of hollow points that could sink the Lusitania faster than 100 U-boats with self repeating torpedoes. Thank God we cling to our guns and our religions to Barak’s constant consternation.

As a general rule it is not safe to travel around Mexico looking or acting like a tourist. You may ask how Mexico gained such a harsh reputation when incidents are not so numerous. It’s bad press and a bad press is to blame. Mexican peons are relatively safe unless some soldier or cop craves some sport. Tourists, however, are fair game and are unofficially advised to stay close to their hotel. If you must sight see use a tour guide who has some connections and common sense. If, despite precautions you find yourself entangled in Mexico’s legal system and are as innocent as the driven tequila, don’t wait for our Ambassador to come calling or dial in a word for you; pay the $2 before the hammer falls, if at all possible.

If you are American military your only hope is to get famous; Barak has little inclination to protect you unless there is something in it for him or you become a thorn in his narrow arse.

Back to the freight train on steroids. It is becoming apparent that Barak just freed six Muslims; five of the most dangerous Guantanamo prisoners and one prime example of how cooperation and conversion to Islam is rewarded. Mexico may be a somewhat lawless Socialist Democracy but America is derailed and headed toward a fate far worse. The religious war has not manifested in Mexico but it is driving the fundamental change Barak has imposed on us. The war is far from over but our biggest disadvantage is that we have not yet decided to engage the enemy or even identify him positively.

After five years of passive acceptance that the Muslims have a prisoner who wore our uniform, it suddenly became a matter of such urgency and immediacy that the concerned regime turned on a dime, broke the law of this land and gave the enemy five loyal leading combatants and a ton of useful, invaluable propaganda, sure to swell their ranks on two Continents. What did we get in return? A G.I., who leaves his unit in hostile enemy territory with only a short ration of water and a compass, is not a homesick or love sick AWOL. He is a deserter and as sure and disheartening as it may be, a defector. The debriefing may take a bit longer than usual.

If you think Barak isn’t high-fiving his cabal members you haven’t seen the light at the end of the Allahu Akbar and unless we all end the denial we too will be told to convert to Islam or die.

Judge actions not words. Remove Barak’s weapons not mine. His will side with Islam; mine will defend our Judea Christian heritage.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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