Define Treachery

American patriot, “Pssst!! Achmed! Take Me To Your Leader!”
Achmed, “I sorry I cannot do so. I sent him to you six years ago.”
The rag tag Taliban, Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood affiliates by any other name have no need to recruit spies or send their highly trained agents behind enemy lines surreptitiously to steal our secrets at the risk of death or capture. 007 has nothing on their man in our midst who knows all, learns all and tells all.
Their agents are probably a bit disappointed because capture on the field of battle or behind enemy lines means hot showers, clean sheets, color TV and three square meals a day and a fair trial in a court of law. The Quran may be displayed prominently and prayer rugs are standard issue. One super agent has replaced them all. Barak Hussein Obama has infiltrated the enemy’s highest military and political base and transmits the most sensitive, top secret information over the airwaves with no fear of interference or capture, directly from the White House. So far no one is the wiser. Heh, heh, heh.
It is lonely at the top but Barak amuses himself by imposing health care no one wants on civilians and depriving health care everyone wants from veterans.
Not only our battle plans but the names of our key personnel and their whereabouts are readily available and in special cases we even provide money and weapons just to make the fight fairer. Do you recall that Seal Team Six was cashiered in one fell swoop? Credit super spy Barry. We’ll be leaving the Afghanistan theater of operations on a day certain but we will leave a small contingent behind in case the Taliban are looking for another soft target.
By the time we actually retreat in victory Israel will be completely surrounded and if the entire population of Middle East Jihadists and terrorists of all description ever get up the nerve they can try a preemptive strike. Try not to think about past performance, it can be demoralizing for Islam.
Meanwhile rest assured that Barak will do all he can to discourage Egyptian democracy and will soon decide whether the rebels will prevail in Syria so we can back a Muslim president or Assad will finally kill enough rebels to make us figure out how to have him assassinated. Either way Barak has your back, Brotherhood Jihads.
Allahu Akbar.
“If not us, who? If not now, when?” RFK. It is never too late to claim our birthright, but the longer we wait the costlier the mission.
How to win a religious war in three easy lessons.
1) Identify and expose the enemy; man, woman, child and President.
2) Round ’em up, bloody ’em up and ship ’em out.
3) Repeat until we are once more a nation founded on Judea Christian principles.
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