Post Memorial Day Trauma

The spirit of patriotism soars on Memorial Day and it is a beautiful thing. There is a residual benefit as well and although it tends to dwindle intensity-wise I hope and pray that some ardor remains that is indelible.
The revelations concerning the Veterans’ health care scandal leading up to Memorial Day remained foremost in my mind for the entire weekend. I am no less outraged and concerned today. Barak’s visit to our troops in Afghanistan, where he uttered the usual platitudes and self serving patriotic-sounding political diatribe, reaffirmed my conclusions. SNAGAP; Situation Normal; All Going According to Plan. What we are told is a SNAFU is far more intentional. Admittedly Barak inherited the culture of lassitude that pervades the Veterans’ Administration, but he was made aware of the problems early in his administration and would commit troops to the hardships of war for years to come. How could he not have correlated the circumstances to his previously stated opinion that veterans should provide for their own medical needs? It has also been confirmed that improvements Barak inherited ceased to prevail which tends to support that notion.
There could have been no better venue or moment for an American president to absolve himself of all implications in an intolerable scandal; the intentional deprivation of competent medical attention for our veterans, than coming face to face with the next generation of veterans. Barak ignored the 800 pound gorilla in the room and didn’t even tell the soon to be veterans that the revelations made him mad as hell. Perhaps he did a good turn by not repeating that disgusting lie to their faces so they can deal with the reality. Unless Barak is removed from power they face the same or worse prospects for continuing, critical care than their predecessors. It is safe to say that Barak stands by his tepid remarks to wait and see while the status quo festers.
The immediate solution is so incredibly simple that for any responsible person to not endorse and campaign for it is unforgiveable. Of course there are no responsible people serving our veterans these days. Our entire medical community can easily absorb the overflow and provide first class treatment for our deserving veterans without further ado. But the solution now becomes another 800 pound gorilla in the room that is universally accepted but not initiated. Can you imagine what our enemies make of our ineptitude and careless concern for our casualties of war?
While Barak is considering his options and waiting for investigation to resolve the problem for him no expense is spared to keep Obama Care intact. How many VA doctors can be paid with the money wasted on failed programs to intute Obama Care? How many veterans can be rehabilitated with the money we are about to use to bail out the insurance companies that are hung out to dry with Obama Care? How about the money given, no strings attached, to alternate energy companies doomed to fail despite billions of our money injected where the sun don’t shine? How many homeless veterans would one of Michelle’s vacations provide shelter for?
Six years of Obama economics and even the lies can’t project a positive outcome. Six years of Obama diplomacy and even our allies mistrust us. Six years of Obama military strategy and the world is ablaze with terrorism, invasion and conflagration almost surreal in boldness. Six years of Obama’s religious obfuscation and we are immersed in Christian persecution, Jews seeking safe havens and government dictating religious interpretation to Catholics. Six years od coddling terrorists, protecting Muslim sensitivities and denying Muslim invectives and the Muslim Brotherhood has achieved military and political power it has never acceded to since 1928.
When do we expose Barak’s motives and priorities to honest appraisal and subject him to unbiased scrutiny and judgement? Not one area of concern to Americans is improved or hopeful since Barak’s arrival and we have yet to move as one for his removal. We are either the most patient society of humans on earth or the most naive. We have been invaded and the response from the electorate is long overdue.
Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His call for our submission; mine call for his dismissal.
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