A Fish Rots From the Head Down

The Democrats have managed to stack the deck against a fair investigation into Benghazi and the Republicans have demonstrated once more that they don’t know the first thing about dirty politics. They don’t even know that the term is an oxymoron. 

It took the Demorats a week to cement their strategy. Before the “Select Committee” even has an opportunity to convene for the first time the Demorats put the Republicans on notice; they have joined the committee to “protect the truth”. I thought the committee’s purpose was to find the truth. The Demorats have no compunction or embarrassment to state publicly that their purpose is to defend the White House. Pelosi’s words, that unless the Demorats were present it would not be an honest investigation, are a testimony to the absence of bipartisan Constitutional procedures in Washington. Does anyone doubt that the Demorats have accepted Barak’s contention that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents that have the order of authority backwards? The people’s representatives have used the trust placed in them to encourage and abet a president who has pledged to change this country fundamentally. They are all guilty of sedition.
The Investigation will go ’round and ’round and where it ends somebody knows. I do. And so do most clear thinking Americans who refuse to go on being duped and lied to. The conclusion I came to immediately after the attack on our embassy and the murder of four Americans is therefore the only logical conclusion reasonable men can arrive at. The Committee may have a few reasonable men on board but it cannot reach a reasonable conclusion if five members believe that the other six are on a witch hunt and that the five must function as a watchdog committee within the committee. When the responsible people bear no responsibility they are responsible. Barak and Hilary had no interest in protecting the embassy. They were perfectly willing to accept the inevitable loss of life which would result from their betraying inaction and deadly decisions which insured no action would be taken to protect our embassy or the Americans in harm’s way. Barak slept through the entire incident because he knew what was about to transpire and he anticipated the outcome. It is not possible that the attack took Hilary by surprise either. A deal was struck to allow local disruptive, organized Islamic forces to purge the city of foreign representation and demonstrate their military dominance against the only embassy remaining, severely disadvantaged and understaffed. The embassies of other nations left when events in the region indicated it was the only prudent thing to do, while our embassy was not only denied protection, their pleas for rescue were not even acknowledged; unless “your heart attack will arrive at 9 pm on the morrow. Have the decency to whine” is all the support we can muster.
The investigation into the Veterans’ Administration is taking on the same tactical strategy to delay, obfuscate and deny responsibility. To knowingly allow veterans to suffer and die without treatment is as cruel and barbaric as the torture and mutilation of our Ambassador in Benghazi at the hands of Al Qaeda Jihadi sadists. Barak will not even acknowledge when his minions are caught dead to rights, following the protocol of destructive and divisive politics of persecution. Obviously in the Barak culture failure is getting caught and admission is a nonstarter that may negate a well earned promotion. True to form, after three weeks of inaction his announcement that there will be continued inaction should tell us what we are dealing with. Our military are of no concern to an enemy of the nation; not in Benghazi, not in the budget and certainly not for their welfare.
If we can’t smell the coffee perhaps the odor of rotting fish is more to our distaste. This fish is rotten to the core and I am referring to the cabal that occupies our White House and is quickly decimating our economy, our heritage and our Judea Christian principles. Recognize the religious war and the typical behavior of those who would participate in such a civilization-rending plot. The enemy is the one who supports the things that tear down our society; Barak, Insane Obama.
Remove his guns not mine. When mine are gone he will march.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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