I Have a Dream

What is the motivation behind the release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens into the general population?
What is the motive to leave our borders unguarded and protect the insurgents who walk freely among us, secure in the knowledge that current American policy protects their freedom and prevents their detention or return to Mexico?
Why do we remain under the illusion that the thousands of foreigners streaming across our borders uncontested are all Mexicans? It is time to replace the word illusion with delusion if that’s what we believe.
Why does this regime object to voter identification and seek political and legal redress when questioned?
Why do we not rebuke Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder and other radical, influential officials for using intentionally racially divisive language with the potential to incite riots? If Michelle’s ancestors came to America in chains I respectfully recommend that we send her back in chains, tethered to the rest of the democrats spoiling for a fight if we give up our weapons.
Six years of scandal upon scandal, each scandal based on the exposure of radical, tyrannical acts that serve to intimidate the electorate and further the mission of the cabal, which as stated by Barak is to totally transform and fundamentally change America. Those are the words of sedition but when uttered we sighed with admiration and cried with patriotic emotion…the result of 100 years of subliminal subversive messaging.
These are rhetorical questions that can only be answered by Democrats who will answer each question with a question of their own…
Six years ago I wrote my first political article and in it I said that the election of Barak Obama constituted an invasion and the election was a sham. Today warnings of dire consequences and potential armed government enforcement penetrate the veil of secrecy, the familiar pattern of strategic prevarication and a wall of obfuscation with frightening regularity. When a president speaks presidential and acts subversively he is subversive. He’s not stupid; he’s incredibly well trained and prepared for the job to end the American dream.
America has still refused to identify a specific enemy and from the White House down the term Islam or Muslim terrorist is never uttered until it is impossible to deny. Still we are bombarded with a confusing array of organizations as though each act of terror committed by one is independent of the others. From Obama down the name Muslim Brotherhood is never used despite the fact that the most credible experts on the Middle East, Sharia Law and Jihad tell us repeatedly that the Muslim Brotherhood is at the root of all terrorism and Iran is in league with all subversives who seek to destabilize civilized societies world wide. It’s Jihad stupid.
Dems decided to join the Benghazi investigation committee…kickin’ and screaming they couldn’t get on board until they decided on a strategy to undermine the investigation.
Three hundred Nigerian girls are in the custody of a Muslim organization and we hold a few vigils and call them our girls. They are not our girls. They are victims of Jihad and will be converted, raped, murdered, mutilated, sold or otherwise terrorised. If we addressed the war that has been declared we would eliminate Barak from the White House and with American leadership and Judea Christian interests at heart, destroy the enemy wherever he wages Jihad; that is in America’s best interest. While we are at it we would demand the immediate release of Andrew Tahmooressi and hold the Mexican government accountable for inhuman treatment of an American citizen who happens to be a war hero. On the very same day we would impose drastic sanctions on Iran and begin to dismantle their Nuclear Energy initiatives while demanding the immediate release of Dr. Saeed Abedini and all political prisoners Of Israeli or American citizenship. The new leader would find time on the very same day to instruct the new Attorney General to arrest all personnel who have a part in the abduction and detention of Justina Pelletier and see to it that this child is reunited with her family by force if necessary. I’m sure a patriotic American leader of this caliber could find five minutes to give Eric Shinseki the full authority to provide full medical services to all veterans if he has to move heaven and earth to do so. In the morning, after a good six hour sleep, the new leader will purge all White House personnel and presidential aides, appointees and advisers who were foolish enough to loiter and jail them until he has time to decide how best to dissuade them of their ideological ideas and the seditious movement to transform and fundamentally change America. He should then call for a national hour of prayer which he will lead and after which he will pledge to defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign and to defend and protect the Constitution and enforce the laws of the land that do not betray our commitment to a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.
God bless America,

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