Obama Care, Obama Core, Obama Fraud

Jean Paul Ludwig or Barak Hussein Obama? SSN 042-68-4425 
Are we ever going to demand answers to the tough questions or have we grown so sissified that we dare not offend even the most outrageous offender? Will a journalist or Congressman one day ask Barry how he came by a SSN that has the stigma of fraud attached? A few asked about his birth certificates but no one dared tell him that his responses were totally unacceptable since competent experts determined the documents are fraudulent. I think we are either afraid of the truth or those we hired to represent us have decided to protect us instead. Since when is it politically correct to play dumb?
The unemployment rate is an embarrassing testimonial to deceit and fraud, especially when the new lower statistic is tied to an improving economy and doubly so when Obama is lauded for initiating policies that saved us from a great depression. Thanks to Barak’s genius for occupation America is virtually in a position far worse than we were during the Great Depression of the 30’s. Obviously we recovered from the Great Depression but there are credible analysts who say we cannot recover from this debacle; not financially. Obama the fraud or any of his talking head sycophants never…not one time in his entire occupation, have credited Conservative Governors for creating employment and decent economies despite the Federal Government. The last thing this regime wants us to notice is that only the red states are managing to get by, even grow and the blue states, Democrat strongholds of corruption, deception and cesspools of abject failure, follow the philosophy of government subscribed to by Barak and the rest of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party believes they will one day tax and confiscate their way to solvency but Barak, who knows better, believes that socialism will give way to a vacuum in leadership only he can fill. The number of new jobs that can honestly be attributed to Barak’s initiatives is virtually zero…zip…nada. If we do, against prevailing wisdom, overcome the staggering debt and morbid unemployment in America, will we recover from the fundamental changes to our founding precepts?
Will the Republican governors realize that unless they secede from this government the national debt will eventually drag them down with the rest of the country? When the dollar can’t buy a penny’s worth of gum will the productive states decide to print more viable (and valuable) currencies? Right now I’d rather be paid in Texas Notes than Federal Reserve Notes if Texas decides not to go down with the mother ship; the mother ship has no captain; a cabal holds sway in Washington and they are not interested in jobs, the voice of the people or the welfare of our returning heroes. They are only interested in those initiatives that further their mission to transform America: Obama Care to control liquidity, Obama Core to control the hearts and minds of our youth and religious persecution to inure us to an Islamic culture.
In every scandal, (and there are more scandals than accomplishments by far), we (collectively) want to know “what did Obama know and when did he know it”…to me that is not the first incriminating issue…As Commander in Chief his policies set the tone throughout the administration. That goes for the IRS, USPO, EPA , FEMA and quadruple for the most important facility in the nation, the Veterans’ Administration Hospital System. If he didn’t know he should have and not when someone reported to him but intrinsically; because he alone sends these boys into harm’s way and he should be constantly concerned for their needs; instinctively, because as the President he should know his people and as an American his love for the men and women who serve should be uppermost in his heart and mind. Now please show me one bit of evidence that can make me feel that Barak cares even a little, for anyone but himself. Has he missed a vacation? Given up a golf game? Acknowledged the system of checks and balances? Supplied Israel with the assets necessary to deter her enemies? He slept during the Ben Ghazi atrocity because he had a busy fund raising day the next day and he didn’t miss it.
The response our service people deserve and the only response that would have been acceptable when the spectre of GI’s in need not being attended to was raised, is the same any compassionate American would issue. Get every one of these veterans the help they need right now at any facility they can get to, private, municipal, federal makes no matter. Spare no expense and anyone who delays, hesitates or questions this decision is fired as of now and will face charges post haste. Period. Instead Barak gave us the response these veterans would have received if they were prisoners of war. The prisoners we hold in Guantanamo lack for nothing. How telling is that?
We not only deny the religious war or the terrorism side of it, we deny that the friend of my enemy is my enemy and my enemy has a face and a name…one name only; Islamic Terrorist. There is only one way to fight religious zealots and that is the old eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth biblical way. Any act of terror should and must be dealt with mercilessly. Our knives and bullets should be dipped in pig fat. Had we wrapped Bin Laden’s body in pork fat and left his rotting carcass to scavengers our Embassies would not be under attack and the four men sacrificed by Barak and Hilary would not still be seeking justice.
We have allowed the enemy to situate himself in our midst and we allow him to dictate the terms of our hospitality. And the best spokesman for Islam in America is Barry Soetero aka Barak Hussein Obama, who has no Social Security Number of his own. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.”
What are we waiting for? At the rate we are defending our country our great grandchildren will be the only hope we have of redeeming our dignity and odd behavior, to say the least.
Don’t tell me you love America unless you love what America stood for and the Judea Christian principles it was founded on. Anything other is treason.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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