Odd Coincidence

Hilary thinks the Oval Office was designed with her in mind. That’s just a coincidence.
This is too easy. Karl Rove gave a fairly detailed report on Hilary’s recent medical history. How many of you believe that she or her handlers issued a denial? Think about it. Did you hear a denial or did you hear a barrage of disdain for the messenger? Bill is “dumbfounded” at Rove’s question and the rest of the chorus is outraged. Hilary is not aware of any medical issues; others are in charge of that stuff; like Ben Ghazi, the Secretary of State isn’t the last word on the subject. The Clinton’s will do or say anything except the right thing. Produce the medical transcripts and call Rove a liar or shut the Hades up.
In our lifetime, assuming anyone outlives the conspiracy witch, we will never hear a straightforward honest comment from the Clinton’s on any topic. If a revealing phrase can’t be turned to cast aspersion on their enemies or their competition they say nothing. Life is a political contest and the winner gets power and money, the loser gets destroyed in the process. Money buys power in their corrupt world and power equals money; it’s deadly a parlay. Not one dollar the Clinton’s have amassed in their political lives could pass the UV black light test. Her lust for the White House likely predates Bill’s election and she believes that only she can make the ideological difference the left has sought since the Constitution was ratified. Her opinion of Bill is that he lost the opportunity to reach his full potential because he could not control his primal urges. She was well aware of his deviant sexual proclivities even before he became the youngest governor in America. Where Bill’s presidency did not noticeably transform the nation, Hilary would render this country unrecognizable if she can get pants clad bunda into the Oval Office before Barak leaves the country in ruins. Her Communistic ideology should be enough to cause Americans to shun her like a deadly plague, but her zealots protect her false image fiercely and even believe in it whole hearted. So let’s focus on her immediate past to prove that she would be a detriment to America of the worst order.
We know for a fact that Hilary lied to Tyrone Woods’ father at his son’s funeral; a stroke of callous political connivance if ever there was one. I’m sorry, I see no difference in her attending the funeral of those she should have protected than that of a sadistic murderer who attends the funerals of his victims to gloat. To then lie to the grieving parent in plain view of the bier, is unconscionable. This base lie was intended to establish the false narrative for the public and media, put forth to obfuscate the facts and conceal the gross malfeasance she and Barak are obviously guilty of. No one would lie to the broken father of a fallen hero at the funeral would they? So grievous are her crimes, the unguarded attack on our embassy and death of our Ambassador and three heroes, that it could bring down a regime and destroy any chance of Hilary’s bid for the White House. The desperate assignment of blame and the ensuing, ongoing cover up, expose her for the callous, calculating, conspiring political piranha she is. Through it all the only instinct she can muster is for the preservation of her career.
The 56 year old Coptic Christian who produced that 13 minute, ill conceived but probably closer to the truth than political correctness and Barak’s sensitivity to things of this nature permit, was jailed for parole violation or intolerance. Hilary kept her promise to Mr. Woods but not the American people and Mark Basseley Youssef is not even a footnote or a second’s worth of empathy by anyone. How dare he despise the Prophet for being a sexual deviate? I guess that hit home for Hilary.
The most traveled Secretary of State in the history of the nation has not one accomplishment to show for her massive carbon footprint and incredible one woman drain on our treasury. Let’s make her president unless she used our liberal travel perks to prepare for a career as a travel agent; she been everywhere and still no one has ever seen her knees; not even Bill.
Hilary invested a thousand dollars in cattle futures and before long she had a hundred thousand smackers. The Chicago stockyards are famous for their putrid odors but Hilary brought a scent of her own to the futures market and the aroma wafted into the governor’s mansion. It didn’t take long for the Clinton’s to learn the ropes. What a genius. No need to repeat the performance, it was just a dalliance. Hilary, the best selling author, sold all of her books to the Democrat Party. No need to repeat; it was just a dalliance. Hilary massed 100% of the vote in her run for Senate in several Hasidim dominated villages upstate New York. Clean as a hound’s tooth the road to the White House will have no missteps, no chicanery and no doubt in the outcome of an election.
Americans have foolishly reelected failed politicians with stunning regularity for 200 years. We don’t send them home unless they lose a beauty contest or popularity contest but no abuse of office disqualifies our mistakes; it makes them living institutions. Not satisfied with a disfunctional government we elected an anti American Islamic Fascist who promised to change America fundamentally and now our disfunctional goverrnment is also undemocratic, tyrannical, monolithic and divisive. If we survive this intrusion we can prove we never learn by electing Hilary Rotten Clinton.
If we don’t have the brains to take our country back we’d better have the guts to fight for it. Liberty isn’t free and it isn’t permanent. Perhaps it takes total dissatisfaction and ruination to make us fight for the things God gave us; free will, freedom and self determination.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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  • Karlyn  On May 17, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    Guido, I’m interested in your alternate spellings for the likes of Barack and Hillary. What’s the significance?? Just curious. Your have terrific thoughts. Too bad such thoughts are so absent from our leaders.

    Karlyn Kamm

    • treasonamongus  On June 4, 2014 at 10:52 pm

      I will not give them the courtesy or respect of spelling their names correctly. It makes me feel better.

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