Look Both Ways Before You Cross

There are no pros and cons to Common Core unless we are mindless of the facts. Like the abominable Health Care program which has nothing to do with medical services, Common Core has nothing to do with education. Call it ObamaCore. It is the platform that would allow government to implement indoctrination on a national scale; no less abominable than the ObamaCare grab for 17% of the economy. These are transformational components of the fundamental change we were told to expect but don’t yet acknowledge in unison.
The protocol to transfer power from the private sector and two branches of government to the Executive Branch is all encompassing and uncompromising. Denigrate existing free market programs and infrastructure no matter how satisfactory or even superior they might be and substitute with government programs proclaiming to be fair, unbiased, less costly…in other words Utopian, and when the economy crumbles and services deteriorate as a result, blame conservatives and the Republican Congress and pick up the pieces; issue edicts to bypass Congress and accept Supreme Court decisions selectively.
John Adams opined “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. Indeed Barak is quoted as saying the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents, meaning antithetical to his core beliefs.
Hence it is important for his movement to contribute to the moral decline in the nation because it promotes cynicism and a cynical nation is more likely to turn on the status quo and question traditional values, which we have done. To that end the family unit has been divided by government programs that reward single parenting and punish traditional marriage. The sacrament of marriage provides no benefit or status socially or legally except for purposes of inheritance. Couples increasingly opt for living arrangements with no stigma assigned to child birth out of wedlock. Common Law is sufficient to protect property rights when couples separate. I don’t believe there are statistics to record the rate of dissolution among unwed couples but the divorce rate in America is staggering.
The gay community which had traditionally cohabited and were less condemning of promiscuity, now demands the security of civil and even holy matrimony and the government supports this movement, contributing further to moral decline and diminishing family values. They could be satisfied with legal recognition and the extension of spousal benefits once denied them but they persisted and largely were granted the right to marry in some states. The Feds have decreed that these marriages must be recognized in states that have not recognized the right of same sex marriage, effectively over riding states’ preferences. So while heterosexuals eschew the tradition of marriage and family values and homosexuals embrace the institution of matrimony opting for adoption of children rather than the agony of natural childbirth…Not even all gays agree that this benefits our civilization.
In the interest of political correctness let me state for the record that I believe same sex couples should have all of the legal property and visitation rights of heterosexual, married couples, recognized by law. I remain a traditionalist and believe that marriage is a sacred pact between one man and one woman and that union alone represents the formation of a family unit, whether it produces children or not.
Dictatorships despise religion because it espouses independence, self determination and hard work in direct opposition to the socialist model which offers redistribution of wealth and rewards for nonparticipating. We are experiencing growing religious persecution in America sponsored by left wing organizations that are never castigated for intolerance, which is their stock in trade. Today we are given the prospect of Atheist Chaplains in the military; a ludicrous oxymoron if it weren’t so sinister in its purpose. Christian Chaplains are being replaced with Imams and Bibles are offensive but we provide Korans free of charge to Muslim prisoners and guards are severely punished if they dare to disrespect a copy. This aspiring dictatorship has shown a consistent and decided preference, even deference, toward the Nation of Islam. I used to wonder where the Nation of Islam is but I am beginning to believe it might be growing in our midst, on our soil in plain view, to be denied like the Emperor’s bare backside.
What sovereign purpose could possibly be served by a regime that refuses to protect our borders, lies about the statistics concerning immigration and deportation and releases tens of thousands of criminal immigrants into our population? What sovereign purpose could be achieved by eliminating the need for identification to exercise the privilege of voting? When an illegal alien votes it is not a privilege it is an invasion; a calculated attempt to disrupt the electoral process and predict the outcome.
The ultimate abuse of our veterans is the withholding of access to timely medical treatment or the intentional deprivation of care. As usual we were told the abuse was isolated to one, then two facilities and now we learn it is practically endemic. Damage control trumps human concerns as it did in Ben Ghazi and typically does in any politically protective regime with ulterior motives. We have not heard the Commander in Chief take decisive action to end the problem by seeing to it that all veterans receive first class timely care immediately. Veterans who have applied for an appointment and have not been seen by a physician in over two weeks go to the nearest private medical facility to your home and we will pick up the tab until we find out what caused the delays in veteran’s hospitals and it is resolved.
A regime that is scandal ridden consistently to the detriment of citizens’ rights and always politically aligned with Democrat, undemocratic, left wing, liberal initiatives is not guilty of supervisory malpractice; they are using the culture of scandal and the behavior that results in scandal to further their political ends. Not only are the perpetrators not punished, they are often rewarded and internal investigations promised without apology or remorse never take place. External investigations are met with vituperative objections, lies, denials and a lack of cooperation unprecedented in history. The claim of transparency is ludicrous but restated without embarrassment; the typical tactic of a dictator who pleases only the denizens of his cabal.
Barak saw the need to inform us early on that “America is not at war with Islam and never will be as long as I am president”. He didn’t say that Islam is at war with us. He did say that “when push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” He didn’t say that he would foster their movement and protect their anonymity with lies and bifurcation, forbidding the identification of terrorists and denying their role in acts of terror whenever possible. His unilateral acts of support for Israel’s enemies has resulted in the phenomenal rise of Muslim terrorists and Muslim states proclaiming their hatred of Israel and their volition to destroy the state of Israel, leaving our ally vulnerable to her enemies and ineffective and friendless in dangerous world.
What must Barak do next to convince us all that he represents the enemy in our midst, in league with the anti religion, Sharia compliant, murderous, terror complicit Muslim Brotherhood? I think an honest appraisal and admission of the record is all that is needed.
Americans must obliterate party lines and unite to defeat the enemy facing us. Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian you are either with us or against us. There is no defense of this regime that allows any American to remain neutral or claim loyalty to this great country. We are and always will be a constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles. If we vow to live by those principles and adhere strictly to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we will be on the side of our Creator and He will once again be on ours. Our founders were purposeful in their intention to create a nation worthy of the Lord’s protection. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.
God bless America,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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