Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire…and Mirrors

Voyeurs rejoice! Monica Lewinsky is “telling all” and Bill is modestly taking it all in. Perhaps Monica will dispute Bill’s claim that he did not have sex with her. Maybe we will learn the meaning of the word “is” or was…Like “is you is or is you ain’t my baby?” or was you. I guess “is” means no. Bill the serial molester sexual deviate who defiled the Presidency, the Oval Office and the Great Seal moved on to bigger and better things but Monica Lewinsky will always have to contend with snide remarks and the scorn of hypocrites for doing what came naturally. When the two ships who passed in the night cross over, whose shoes would you rather be in on judgement day? I don’t think Bill will get a pass in the hereafter. Jesus once said “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.” Bill may hear that line again. Monica? One man too many Hardly puts her in a league with Jezebel or Rahab. Let her be; set us free. Nobody can give her back the life she deserves as a normal, healthy woman who got caught in the web of high powered political hi jinx few women would have passed up.

Bill Clinton is a slick and practiced liar who had the gift of only being given credit for not lying; his lies considered mere peccadillos. He had to lie to maintain an aura of dignity he coveted but to which he was never entitled. Aside from his sexual escapades Bill is known for Conservative strategies which were not in his DNA but were politically expedient…he lowered taxes and reaped the benefits of a burgeoning economy…to me that’s a lie. He is not known for the Health Care Bill that would have tipped the scales of Socialism long before Obama Care. He is not known for letting Usama Bin Laden off the hook several times. He is not known for allowing the top secret long distance missile guidance system slip into China’s arsenal. He is not known and we don’t know it. He is not known for the women who suffered his heavy handed amorous advances, who did not see fit to come forward; just the half dozen or so who were humiliated and had the courage to speak up just to be further humiliated. The modern standard bearer of the once proud Democrat Party is no statesman; he is a criminal. As for the Party, pride has turned to arrogance, indifference and controversion of Constitutional precepts.

The Clintons have made a major contribution to the decadence in our society, the degradation of our political process and the rise of left wing contentious politics. Hillary was more worried about the president’s legacy and her future ambitions when she brushed aside Monica’s claim to an Oval fling with the brilliant disclosure of a vast right wing conspiracy to wash away any suggestion of impropriety, explicit or tacit.

There are 90 suspicious deaths of key individuals close to Hillary and Bill , 81 while Bill was president. 91 if you count Willey’s cat. They never made to the witness protection system. If you cross this couple I suggest you stay away from air travel, open windows, remote locations and don’t name your cat Bulls Eye, whatever you do.

Kathleen Willey, whose husband was found dead in the Virginia woods in 1993 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound — the same day Willey claims Bill made an unwanted sexual pass at her, had a cat. Cat’s can’t commit suicide, they always land on their feet but nine lives aren’t enough if your owner don’t kiss and does tell.

All Socialists who aspire to higher office must be adept at the art of obfuscation and outright prevarication. What they really stand for is repugnant, radical in a Conservative environment and contrary to the aspirations of God fearing people who believe in self determination. No politician in the history of American politics has been more successful at keeping her personal political ideology secret than Hillary Rodham Clinton. A devout left wing ideologue who firmly believes in wealth redistribution, single payer universal health care and government influence over all personal preferences including child rearing. Child rearing is the cornerstone of Communist indoctrination, wouldn’t you know. Hillary is to the left of Barak Obama, her nemesis in the 2008 primaries. Barak is an Islamic ideologue who hates the American Republic and although Hillary has no quarrel with the radical Muslim community her road to ambitious self indulgence does not include any religious affiliation. She is cold hearted and indifferent to the American Constitutional ideal but her idea of transformation more closely resembles the Communist model, I think.

Her key to political success is to do nothing controversial politically and get caught. Few people question her election to the Senate with several Hasidic Jewish communities, all upstate New York voting for Hillary 100%. In these towns you cannot find one single voter who didn’t vote for Hillary whom they hardly knew. Her record in the Senate is astonishingly unremarkable. Her record as Secretary of State however, is highly remarkable. Her carbon footprint could block out the sun for eons but her accomplishments could be printed on the head of a pin, next to the Gettysburg address in capital letters, save her one sparkling Ben Ghazi no see, no hear no say performance…Make that 94 suspicious deaths.

The Democrats gave us Barak Obama and unless there is an act of God to dissuade the anti Constitution Party of change they would give us Hillary Rodham Clinton as a rejoinder.

What is wrong with America? Why do you ask? So far so good…as the man who leaped from the top of the Empire State building said 102 times. God help us.

Guido —

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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