Country, My Mattress

I laughed until I cried. Laugh took ten seconds; I’ll be crying until they need a crow bar to get me out of the fetal position.
Common Core is a device to leave our children exposed to indoctrination instead of education. The proponents, like all ideologues and rabid liberal sycophants, ignore every argument that even suggests that children are best taught what is appropriate, when appropriate, with parents’ approval and by locally developed and approved curricula. Common Core is a betrayal of our rights as parents, our children’s rights to childhood and feeds into the socialist imperative to mold young minds and deprive them of exposure to religious and Constitutional tenets. Children are considered wards of the state and most pliable before puberty. Why else would it be driven across the nation by the left like a an antidote to German measles?
I just picked Common Core as an example. But my point is that every initiative that is introduced, whether it has to do with education, medical services, minimum wage, global warming, pipelines, retirement accounts, jobs, racism, prayer, you name it, must be held to the most excruciating scrutiny, viewed with jaundiced eye and assumed to be part of the transformation or fundamental change we are being subjected to. The best defense for now is to reject everything that emanates from the White House, the Senate or the Supreme Court, out of hand. Every government agency has been corrupted and pressed into service for the regime along with the media and dozens of “private” organizations that feed into liberal ideals across the board. Their job is to inculcate, intimidate, discourage, confuse and generally let us know that we are helpless and without recourse when a person or company comes to the attention of any of these agencies or agents, if you will. We are guilty until proven innocent and when the EPA, IRS or any of their cousins are on your case it can be more costly to prove your innocence than to pay the fine. As the old saying goes, pay the $2.
IRS agents work on salary plus commission. If you are “randomly chosen” to be audited you can count on more than one year being audited. As you scratch and dig for receipts and bills from one year and begin the negotiation process chances are you will get hit with another demand for a different year, mid stream. It’s intimidation meant to break your spirit in hopes you will surrender peacefully and learn a lesson at the same time. My at-home music teacher wife is undergoing such an audit as we speak but the issue isn’t $2.
I’ve written about and I’m sure you’ve heard of cases like the Bundy’s, Gibson Guitar and the farm family whose home grown produce and meat was destroyed…Different agencies using similar tactics to effect attitude adjustment and slowly inure us to the reality of a police state where we all know it could never happen. We hear about the more high profile events but this storm trooper modality is more common place than we begin to know. It is the wearing down and fear instilling process that a dictator uses to reduce the intensity of a rebellion or to precondition the electorate to the business of the state at the point of a gun. We must be taught that resistance is futile and dangerous.
We will always have spacious skies but amber waves of grain may depend on government subsidies or preferences; or the lack of water and seeds or a ready market to sell the crops. We were advised by Barak himself that gasoline prices in America should be on a par with European prices. A stupid statement on the surface but lo and behold we’re at $4 bucks and rising and the coal industry is in disarray, our Gulf production given to Mexico and Brazil and the product is going to China.
Free speech is not so free when a small minority of radical anti anythings can decide by spontaneous demonstration who will speak and who is persona non grata. Ever notice that these spontaneous demonstrators often show up wearing easily identifiable vests and carry professionally printed signs? In every case of liberal sensitivity and general dissatisfaction with the existence of Conservative values, the tail now wags the dog and the dog snoozes through it. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of someone being singled out for expressing a religious view or displaying a Bible “inappropriately” and the Supreme Court issues a ruling that says one small town has not exceeded their latitude in the manner in which they permit Christian Prayer before council meetings….WHAT?!! They are telling us that they inadvertently got it right but by a close margin of 5-4 ? I regard this case as a “shot across the bow” seeing as how most government sessions begin with a prayer…even the Supreme Court and Congress…and that has to be a lentil in a mattress disturbing the beauty rest of atheists and agnostics (not to mention Communists) who feel offended at the scent of a Roman Candle in a Chapel at the top of Mount Everest. Is this too reminiscent of the hyper sensitive Muslim community that is offended in perpetuity? Give the man a cigar! It is a political tactic Alinsky cribbed from the Muslim Brotherhood without offending them!
It is man’s natural nature to resent being pushed around by government. Every country in the world, it seems, has their history of revolution or at least rebellion. We are no different I am happy to report. Sooner or later the lentil will turn up in our mattress and when it does history will repeat itself. My educated guess (I like to say that because I don’t have much formal education) is that the sooner our sleep is disturbed the better our chances and I believe the more ferocious our response. Just be apprised that it is not politics as usual in America. Fundamental change is not a political movement it is the takeover of a political system. This takeover will not stand.
We Americans are the mutts of the world with our roots and genes plucked from the four corners of the earth. We are the descendants of the hardiest people from each country that fell on hard times and we are a different breed. When we reclaim the freedom our ancestors risked life and limb to bask in the earth will tremble and the seas will rise…take note Barak; we are coming for our country.
God bless America,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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