Mystery Not

There is nothing enigmatic about Barak or any other autocrat. Mundane, predictable and unoriginal better describe the occupational traits common to all dictators’ modus operandi. The enigma is our inability to accept the obvious even as our rights are systematically diminished or cancelled or to act in our own best interest.
Our feckless lack of understanding as to what our rights are by birth; our God given gifts that no government can regulate without first confiscating, is where the problem lies. Surreptitiously, by subtle suggestion, then interpretation and finally by edict, people are stripped of recognition; our voices and opinions have been rendered inconsequential before we realize who is calling the shots or what those shots are intended to do.
A divided Supreme Court, led by Justice Anthony Kennedy, said on Monday that the town of Greece, N.Y., can begin its town meetings with a religious prayer, delivered almost exclusively by Christian clergy. Christians celebrate this as a victory when we should be asking when and why our traditional ritual was brought into question. Did George Washington assume too much when he sought the protection of the Creator in war and in office? Should he have sought a higher power for permission to consult a Higher Power? The town of Greece, NY, population 96,000, has been blessed by the Supreme Court deity but the town next door, Hilton, NY, population 6,000, will not pray until they get the okay and Rochester, population 200,000, better not pray or suffer the consequences. In America we now consult a higher power before we beseech a Higher Power and concede that a magnanimous government that doles out what it somehow confiscated.
I think there is more jealousy than outrage that government employees are consistently rewarded, even in the face of egregious behavior. Did it occur to any of us yet that bonus’ for obnoxious behavior are bribes? Has one member of any government agency embroiled in scandal and behavior unbecoming an American citizen come forth to repent or testify willingly? When subpoenaed has the most transparent regime in history come forth with one lousy mea culpa in 6 years? Barak doesn’t get to the bottom of things, he is the bottom of things. The arrogance is stifling but the culture of deceit, intimidation and reward for blind loyalty is not your typical political strategy; it is the strategy to inure or impose a foreign ideology; one that is repugnant to the majority and contrary to basic tenets that once were the foundation of this society.
Our military has been and continues to be purged and diminished. Military careers are cut short or stinted by illogical incapacitating transfers, demotions and retirements. Our proud heritage and the primary military objective of any army has been emasculated…to defend the homeland and the interests of the nation. They are not deployed to our borders while both parties seek a political solution to flagrant immigration violation that will not punish or offend the sensitive immigrant. No crime visible or intended when the regime headmaster or the chief law enforcement officer tell the immigrants publicly they need not fear authorities or authority.
Our veterans are denied care and support, left to die of illness and debilitating disease or injuries that would not pose a threat if treated. What if “tell Vladimir to be patient; I will have more flexibility after the election” was the betrayal of Ukraine? What then is the quid pro quo? Not a word of explanation or apology and no outrage from us as the boundaries of sovereign nations are redefined and our closest ally is abandoned and kicked to the curb. Al Qaeda and every other Muslim terrorist organization is prospering and flexing their muscle and Muslim presence in America is shielded privileged and increasing in prominence. Russia may well materialize as the USSR a Phoenix with a lust for power and real estate. Consequences are indeed severe. Putin may temporarily lose control over a fraction of his ill-gotten, stolen fortune while he ill-gets and steals anew. Barak’s generosity is only matched by his personal greed…How will Putin satisfy his debt?
Most of our agencies, 77 at last count, are now armed to impose their will on reluctant or recalcitrant companies or citizens when they have the audacity to stand on constitutional rights to reject tyrannical or unconstitutional edicts. Define police state and dare to look over your shoulder. A day has not gone by in 6 years in which the Second Amendment is not challenged at the state level, city by city and man to man or in our courts. Defenseless victims of senseless crimes are told they will be better protected if rendered even more defenseless. We ignore the stern admonitions of our founders to guard the Right to Bear Arms as sacred; that a government that would disarm us is a government that intends to enslave us. Voices of reason entreat us to remove guns from certain people…to register our guns for our own good, to limit the size and type of gun we choose, to ignore the millions of rounds of hollow point bullets government agencies purchase and hoard; to redefine the word infringe.
The oath of office is a formality gladly accepted by all oligarchs, dictators and despots. It gives the false impression that the oath taker has some moral values or respect for a Higher Power. Our foolish notion that it somehow holds the oath taker to some moral and ethical standard is partly responsible for our gullibility and exposes our extraordinary naivete. A transformer cannot be burdened with conscience, ethics, morals or any other civilized performance-restricting mores. His abiding preoccupation is to garner absolute power, absolute authority and the admiration of those he demeans. Even though we feel the consequences of Barak’s quest, it is beyond my ken to know why we act as though the jury is still out. Barak is the enemy and we deputized him to solve our problems and bring our nemesis to justice. He promised he would not sleep until he gets to the bottom of….the gun running expedition, the post office debacle, the IRS scandal, Solyndra, GSA and VA sprees, him spying on us, and another dozen or so scandals not acknowledged or responded to. He sleeps like a baby, in case you are still wondering where he was when our Embassy was attacked and four Americans killed in Ben Ghazi.
An old friend tried entertaining a group of his friends with a lame story that went like this; his Italian accent was legit. “If you flying ina airplane and the airplane he’s gonna crash, the woman she can’t do nothing. She justa cry. The man is different, at least he try to do sumting..anyting…” at which point his lovely wife slowly poured a pitcher of ice water over his head. He sat motionless and did not say or do anything. I still he think he thought the friends were laughing at his story…
I would love to pour a pitcher of ice water on the electorate. No Barak; we don’t have a do-nothing Congress. We have a do nothing electorate which accounts for your continued presence in our White House. But make no mistake. The snake oil you’re selling will not stand. History shows that the people who get the free stuff vote for the guy that hands it to them and removes him when the gravy train stops. You are mathematically condemned to failure after which the people will truly cling to their guns and religion and that will insure your departure. I only wish I could add the word timely.
Remove Barak’s guns not mine. His have no Constitutional prescience…ours do.
God bless America,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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