May Day

What will be our reaction if our government announces that Christmas will no longer be celebrated as a national holiday? Will there be a blow back if we close all schools and commercial enterprises so that everyone can attend May Day Parades? Farfetched? Perhaps, but if it is too farfetched to contemplate we might ask ourselves what else was too farfetched but is now common place.

I keep wondering when the last straw will be broken…Or what it takes to get a resounding “”I’m fed up and I ain’t gonna take it any more” echoing across the plains and down Pennsylvania Avenue. When will we tap into the American indignation reservoir?

Obama has become an object of ridicule for drawing lines in the sand that are crossed like a hop scotch festival gone viral and threatening “consequences” that come up empty like a shell game carnival in New York when the fleet’s in.

Americans don’t seem to be so inclined. We have yet to draw a line in the sand and Barry is as perplexed as a hound dog at water’s edge wondering where the scent went. Just as Putin, Iran and N. Korea probe and test our will before they transgress Barak does the same with each imperial illegal edict. The gruesome threesome meets no resistance and neither does Barak. Whatever happened to our obligation to hold our government accountable?

Obama’s approval rating continues to plummet but his agenda is still “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Only there are no torpedoes to hinder his power grab. We talk about the midterm elections and 2016 as if the damage being done now will magically unravel when Republicans control both houses…or a Conservative Republican takes back the White House. It’s a lot harder to pull a pail of water out of a well than it is to drop the pail down the well. Turning the clock back to make America a functioning Constitutional, free-market Republic will be like pulling a mule up that fell down the well.

Barak isn’t spreading a communicable disease that can be cured once we find the right antidote…he is dropping bombs on our civilization that will leave craters in our economy, redactions in the Bill of Rights, scars on our children, burdens on the working class and the Constitution in a pile of ashes. We seem to be content to read the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of Engagement while Barak is reading Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. These, my dear fellow Americans, are desperate times and desperate times call for desperate measures. We are politically correct; he is politically corrupt. You can raise a sunken ship with ping pong balls but if the hull is torn away it will slip beneath the sea when the artificial floatation is removed.

Does the image of Barak’s wife waving communist flags gleefully, in China on our dime, give you pause? Do the new rules to live by, seeping into our reality like an I-V drip into the vein of a comatose patient roll your eyeballs back in your head? Maybe the idea of war veterans being condemned to death by calculated neglect is a bridge too far…if not an atrocity I don’t know what is…Might the long awaited Ben Ghazi murder and cover up smoking gun evidence, finally telling us what we already knew, make your eyes bleed? Would a video showing Barak and Hilary executing the victims one by one be too graphic or just enough to move us to action?

When Barak said the Bill of Rights was a problematic document we let it pass. As our rights are trampled we discuss the pros and cons, the incentives and the political motivation like constitutional scholars instead of taking the constitutional scholar to task. How will we ever appreciate the unique existence of the Bill of Rights and the critical importance to accept them as written with no qualifications, no compromise, no interpretations and no second guessing now that we’ve accepted a thousand paper cuts as politically expedient? You may disagree all you want but the First Amendment, if we are to do this in numerical order, has been nullified. The Religion aspect isn’t worth arguing over. This government is engaged in religious persecution and religious preference and if you care to argue the point you are the problem.

What say you when the only racist in America was illegally recorded exercising his right to free hate speech and is condemned to never attend another basketball game? True he earned the deserved scorn of hypocrites far and wide but the illegal taper may get a medal and from us not a murmur. When the term “hate speech” was invented to differentiate between free speech and less free speech a chink was chipped out of the First Amendment that can no more be put back than the proverbial genie can be put back in a bottle. By the way the right to assemble has been adjusted to accommodate the more stressful times we live in…No sweat.

Some of us still have the Right to Bear Arms. That shoots the pants off “shall not be infringed” thinking right there…A carry permit is a violation of the Second Amendment no matter how grateful we are for the local laws that didn’t give us the Second Amendment but are so wise as to know exactly how we shall enjoy it. If Barak, with a little help from his friends like Bloomingidiotburg and henchmen like Eric the Holder have their way we will indeed become “‘armless”; English translation, unarmed and “harmless”, which every dictator knows is the requisite condition before transition…infringed, impinged and singed.

You may think I don’t go on numerically because I can’t but the truth is it is because it is futile and unnecessary to go on counting lost Rights since I have made my point…Without one and two the rest lose their value…If our speech is regulated and the Right to Bear Arms mitigated nothing stands in the way of government taking the rest of our Rights to use against us or stop us from deriving any benefit there from. The Bill of Rights is no longer a problematic document. May Day or mayday?

Six or even five years ago we the people could have halted the progress of the cancer. 50 years ago we could have turned the tide in our favor. !00 years ago we could have avoided it altogether. What will be said of this generation 10, 50, 100 years from now? The difficult choices are no longer on the table. The massively arduous task is still viable. Just get mad enough to do what it takes.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights will stand as long as we are armed; and willing to state our purpose.

God bless America,

Guido —

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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