The NBA Protects Their Turf; America Should Do the Same

The moral decline in America is not unrelated to the political winds that preach an old, failed philosophy, falsely presented as fresh and innovative, in contradiction to the fundamental tenets of this Constitutional Republic. Not only is the Constitution based on Judea Christian values characterized as outmoded and irrelevant but our entire perspective on ethics, moral precepts, economic concepts and political integrity are in a state of confusion and reevaluation from being under constant attack. Reevaluation is generally a positive exercise for self improvement but when the reevaluation is being done to us and for us it becomes a negative influence intended to replace free will and common sense.

When government officials promote racial preferences it is pretended for the common good, fairness and equality. Criticism is deflected by an air of superiority, lack of accountability and the ability to restate, reframe or reinterpret until the record is so obfuscated that politicians can reverse positions faster than a polo pony changes direction.

We the people, especially conservative people, are not so dexterous. When we are accused guilt is associated even after exoneration, whether it be for bigotry, racial intolerance or crimes against the state. It may also be true of politicians at times but politicians often are reelected even when guilt is obvious and undeniable. The list of examples is too long to go into but you will find that Democrats enjoy a degree of tolerance most Republicans can only envy. Bill Clinton is the poster boy for moral depravity as a serial sex offender yet enjoys statesman’s idolatry among his peers. His political offenses for profit go unnoticed and escape investigation or even suspicion. No one on the Left can name an accomplishment in Hilary’s quiver nor will they assign fault no matter how well deserved. Leading Democrats can lie with impunity, asperse their opponents viciously, misrepresent facts to gain political advantage and hold themselves out as icons of moral turpitude and seldom pay a social or political price. Barney Frank is morally bankrupt, not because of his sexual orientation but because his escapades went beyond acceptable civil behavior without scorn or accusation. His legacy does not include the devastating effect his Bills and influence have had on our economy and financial institutions for which he is incredulously still held in high esteem.

The conservative Judea Christian majority has been cowed into silence by an immoral, anti religious movement that every dictatorial government engenders. The faithful have accepted the false premise that our presence, our thoughts and our icons offend but we are not permitted the luxury, dignity or human reaction to reject the heretics that persecute Christians and Jews and demean our religious heritage. Silence is our worst enemy rivaled by our own unchristian hypocrisy when we condemn sinners and misguided deeds to make ourselves appear righteous at their expense; it lacks humility.

Why are we not equally offended by the despicable tactics used to expose Donald Sterling as we are by his insensitive, racially unfortunate expressions? Isn’t it patently obvious that he was betrayed by his paramour who is not a paragon of virtue either? Sterling is a fool and may deserve all that is headed his way. We sit in judgement too willingly and focus on the narrative we are led to rather than our Christian obligation to let the Lord judge, let the free market penalize and the organization he is a member of deal with their own moral dilemmas…translation; financial implications. Let he without sin cast the first stone. We choose the company we keep and most of us know and tolerate people who have prejudices of all kinds including racial. We get to decide if it is malicious or superficial and if the relationship is worth the trouble. You cannot legislate individual opinion or sentiment and change society with the stroke of a pen, a Supreme Court ruling or a Congressional vote. The conversations made public could not be the only conversation between the parties and many of the people who are now condemning Sterling voraciously know him intimately and are well aware of his proclivities and opinions; it didn’t cause them to abandon or condemn him but now that he is publicly scathed they fear public association as well. They protest unrepentantly.

When compared to Kerry’s recent statement about Israel this Sterling hooplah underscores our deplorable lack of priorities and commitment to the Republic. Kerry’s views are the ones that should be spotlighted 24 hours a day because they speak to the moral, ethical and political breakdown that we suffer as a nation. Is it that we don’t understand the meaning of apartheid? Does it not have far deeper racial overtones than the isolated instance of a jealous man trying to humiliate his mistress? I can reiterate any number of statements by officials whose views and opinions reflect the tolerance and racial policies of our nation that should be condemned by all Americans. The NBA will ostracize this foolish, uneducated billionaire, advertisers will drop their sponsorship and fans will probably stay at home; it is as it should be. Those directly affected by the slander should react accordingly. The story is worthy of airing but it should be non hypocritical and honestly. It should not dominate our media incessantly for days at a time. This hyper level of contempt and outrage should be reserved for the offenses and offenders that tears down our civil liberties, Constitutional Rights and moral structure on a national scale and will ultimately bring down the nation.

Don Sterling does not represent the average American; we are far more enlightened. John Kerry does represent America but not the people. Where will your energy be best spent…on yesterday’s news or tomorrow’s freedom?

Support Israel as a sovereign nation that will not submit to the regime’s insistence that a two state solution is somehow in their best interest. Israel is listening; Israel heard the betrayal and Israel will set the standard for integrity and self preservation. America’s salvation may well lie in the lesson to be had learning from Israel’s courage abiding faith and unwavering commitment to their survival on their terms.

If we can’t lead we should at least know where we are being led. We are not powerless. Do not become feckless.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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