it Along Little Dogie, Git along

I’m disgusted and fed up with all the politically correct Republicans starting with Fair and Balanced O’Reilly and not ending with Rand Paul, the Constitution guru. I predicted immediately after the Bundy showdown that before the sun went down the orchestrated, intensive campaign to discredit and demean Bundy would begin in earnest. And how it has. I am ashamed and discouraged by the mean spirited, ugly tendency to shred this man’s reputation and purpose and try to make the government appear even handed, righteous and somehow restrained.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that a citizen must be sainted, smart or wise to be treated fairly or to state his case. It is shocking to me to see demagogues from both sides of the isle expound on the government’s rights and portray Cliven Bundy as a free loader, tax evader, fee shy unprincipled rich rancher. Shame on all who buy into that disgusting attempt to thwart justice with the illusion of meting justice. Maybe we deserve to live in a police state with a privileged oligarchy using the government’s resources to enrich themselves or to curry favor with foreign interests.
Now, because he is not eloquent or unable to express his opinions precisely or with politically correct deftness we are allowing this man with a cause, whether you are pro or con, to be besmirched and demeaned after being threatened, abused and intimidated. Not long ago it was politically incorrect to oppose Affirmative Action. The Supreme Court uncharacteristically sided with Michigan and the Constitution and isn’t amazing how many talking heads think it was bad policy from the git go? It sounded to me that Bundy was just trying a little too hard to opine on a subject white guys don’t do well…maybe not…I don’t care much right now because I want to keep our priorities straight. The Federal Government has no business using force to collect fees and from what I could glean from trusted sources it has not got the right to own land. Bundy may have a point; either way a display of awesome power and dogs is uncalled for, un-American and unconstitutional. I have a very strong aversion to having guns pointed toward Americans but when our own government does it the emotions run deep and hot. Do not be distracted from the main problem here.
Right or wrong Bundy is standing on principle. I like a guy who stands on principle and we can discuss his reasoning at length after we put the guns up. He does not believe the Feds have the right to impose fees or save a pesky little turtle by replacing grazing cows with solar collectors. You serve him with court docs; process servers do it all the time without force, dogs or media hype. As for the turtles Uncle is the only party known to have killed them; euthanize is the operative word that makes it legal and sterile but I forget who the little critters were bugging at the time. I hope Bundy’s right but I refuse to leave his side and punish him for an opinion he may or may not hold which has absolutely nothing to do with his principles on government over-reach!
How dare we accuse this gentleman of racism on the basis of a comment he was not able to prepare in advance as every other combative politician and antagonist surely does. Where is the indignation over the racism spewing out of the White House and the Attorney General of the United States? Barak and Eric repeatedly show a disdain for the white community and use their hate inspired policies to divide a country that got on pretty well before they showed up! Where is the outrage and name calling we paint the less powerful with?
The Federal government is on a land grab mission and we’re worried whether a citizen who seems to be in their way is a paragon of moral turpitude! Prejudice is a fact of life world wide and far more intense in some parts of the world than others. Let’s save our vitriol for those who murder Christians and Jews in the name of religion or buy and sell human slaves or disfigure and murder women of their own faith for Sharia’s sake. When people find common ground most prejudices of the kind we have in our society fade away. Arabs and Jews live in harmony in Israel to prove a point and Affirmative Action has probably done more to fan the flames of racial tensions than to bring people together….That’s my opinion; I know my mind and my heart and I don’t give a rat’s behind what anyone tries to read into it. God created man and then a woman for companionship and propagation…no color was mentioned that I can recall.
The culprits in the Bundy case are the Senator from Nevada, Harry nicknamed “Dirty” with good cause, Reid and a Federal Government that is now testing the limits of our endurance and tolerance with heavy handed, tyrannical acts in every aspect of our existence. This is the government that claims they withdrew their personnel to maintain the peace but as a parting shot couldn’t resist killing calves, cows and bulls for sport, spite and intimidation. Cut government down to size and the Bundy’s of this world are more likely to pay what is due without rancor or go to ccourt to stand on principles; the American way.
Meanwhile lets practice what the Bible teaches and the Constitution applied.
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