From Sea To Shining Sea; I Can See Clearly Now

We’ve all experienced the harsh effect of daylight when exiting a movie theater after an afternoon movie. When truth has that type of an effect on us we have been kept in the dark far too long but it is a good sign that facts are beginning to sink in. It is time for us to face the harsh reality of revelation and recognition or we will never get back to “normal”. That’s just a figure of speech, since we never achieved “normality” as a nation….we never quite reached our full potential. In the search for social justice and political freedom we can say that no nation ever tried harder or came closer but we fell victim to the same temptations and distractions that caused the downfall of good republics before us. Free stuff has an irresistible allure but a terrible cost must be paid for believing.

I caution everyone that our system of wealth creation has been corrupted, dismantled and discredited to reduce resistance to an alternate, failed but still viable form of economic ideology; socialism. There cannot be an economic recovery unless we reject socialism and put a completely new system of laws and regulations in place. We must eliminate the corrupt, selective enforcement agencies and institutions that regulate the investment community and investors, restore the right to own and receive property for payment and allow the free market to engage in shared risk and reward with oversight but not inhibition. The socioeconomic condition we find ourselves in was brought about by the corruption and perversion of our courts, school systems, institutions of higher learning, media and the surgical and intentional elimination of the pillars of conservatism and capitalism. The vacuum left in the awake of that devastation is being filled rapidly be a socialism-peddling cabal fully intent on ruling this country with a Fascist, perhaps Islamic Fascist iron hand. Barak is merely the beneficiary or heir of the incremental inroads anti Constitutional Republic forces have made over 50 or 100 years. If not Barak it would have been another equally unwelcome ideologist charged with the same ultimate task. America, my dear fellow citizens, is not in recovery. We are experiencing the uncertain course a downward spiral follows when heroic efforts try to right the economy without correcting the underlying conditions. We are like a paper airplane launched from a high building, soaring, twirling, floating and occasionally lifted by an updraft…but inevitably, inexorably the path is downward.

To restore the nation to its original potential including free market wealth creation we must also eliminate the outside control of our currency, which means the elimination of the Federal Reserve and a return to stable currency issued in return for services and or goods or other good and valuable consideration.

I see no way of accomplishing these goals without desperate opposition from a great many forces including those who favor world government and of the ilk that now inhabits the White House and Upper House of Congress. Which means that even under the most idyllic conditions the process of restoration would go on for decades…unless…the unthinkable is no longer unthinkable…secession as a form of revolution and a new beginning for the 246 year old experiment that nearly succeeded. Secession is the least violent form of revolution that does not leave a vaccum in leadership.

The rebirth must eliminate access to the political process by alternate forms of government with harsh penalties for those who attempt to transform the new nation…very undemocratic but democracy is not protected by negotiation; liberty is the reward of battles well fought but the enemy is best defeated before he rises. Freedom must be declared, exercised and defended as a religious condition not subject to any government limitations other than our Judea Christian principles of ethical behavior. The privilege of self government must be instilled, reinforced and reaffirmed generation to generation from cradle to grave, or as certain as sunrise it will eventually be forfeited once more.

If you are with the moderate majority that believe the next election will reverse the course set by this administration, my heart is with you but my mind is not. I believe that unless we start over the updraft will restore a false confidence in our future and we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past even before we have fully righted the ship of state…or the state of the ship. I will participate in the Conservative initiatives to restore America with my voice and my vote and you are entitled to my life…and I will pray that we will do enough to pass on to our children a healthy, enduring Constitutional Republic. In my heart I know that sooner or later our children will pay with their lives to relight the torch of liberty, unless we have the courage of our convictions now. It has, for all intents and purposes, been doused for now.

Remove Barak’s guns which are already poised to coerce us into accepting fundamental change of an evil nature…do not surrender our guns or all will be lost in the blink of an eye. Barak was referring to a small group of Americans in one small community when he impugned they cling to their guns and religion. He was wrong. The community of Americans he should know and surely is destined to meet, stretches from sea to shining sea.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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