A Lazy Day in Georgia; Have Gun Will Travel

It’s not official unless Barak says it is but America is ostensibly, a police state. It’s part of the fundamental change Barak was talking about but for some reason we didn’t quite get it.

Once upon a time local mischief was handled by the cop on the beat and your mother. If you really crossed a line your father got in on the action when he got home from work. Work was an old fashioned ethic requiring some sort of mental or physical exertion in exchange for currency and everybody’s father did that every day, believe it or not. The guys I grew up with were proud of their fathers’ ability to whip his belt off faster than Gene Autry could draw his six shooters. Somehow his lectures had more effect when he was holding his belt in his right hand and holding up his pants with the left. You didn’t dare laugh until he was done lecturing. We’d actually argue among ourselves for our dad to own the speed belt title.

Occasionally the class clown would be sent to the Principal’s office for a sobering session but the wise ass who sassed the teacher could get “cuffed” on the spot and spend the next half hour listening to the ringing in his ears. No need to involve the parents unless the kid became a serial offender, in which case the wise ass got cuffed in school by the teacher, on the way home by mom and by dad for good measure before dinner. My friends became war heroes, engineers, doctors, lawyers ( not every one went straight) and business men. One or two cooled their heels in prison for trying a short cut to economic independence but that was the exception not the rule. We all managed to exceed our parents’ expectations, even our own in some cases, but mostly by the grace and sacrifice our parents gave for us.

They worked hard with no interference from government, paid their taxes, proudly served the country when called on and had little time to doubt that all was well in Washington. Democrat or Republican the president had their backs.

We prospered as a result…We also served our country and paid our taxes but our earning capacity raised our standard of living and we had little time to worry about politics. We went to church or temple but had an often repeated rule of social conduct; don’t talk religion or politics to get along.

Great country America. If you could dream it you could try it and if you failed there was always another dream and another bite at the apple. We sang patriotic songs, recited the pledge of allegiance and allowed our children to be taught that we were desiccators of the land, polluters of the air and too concerned with finances to worry about our fellow man; we paid institutions of higher learning big bucks to teach our children that the system that created wealth so that they did not have to, is unfair, partial to the rich, robbing from the poor, killing the environment, gun crazy and religious fanatics. They elected a guy that promised to fix all that. Barak was so misunderstood that when he told us we were five days away from “fundamentally changing” America audiences wept for joy. What fools these mortals be.

Seventy, (70) Federal Agencies are armed and prepared to quell riots…The new definition of riot is the gathering of more than three people for the purpose of discussing politics or religion, or just gathering. If your child should be foolish enough to cock his thumb and point his index finger in the direction of another student or teacher expect consequences. If he or she should be foolish enough to bring a one inch pen knife to school expect major consequences, perhaps a lock down, a search of your home and computer, expulsion from school and several months if not years of psychiatric counseling. The president who exhorted us with claims of not wanting to take away or guns has left no stone unturned in a daily battle to do just that.

The Governor of Texas sees fit to announce publicly that he will defend property rights in his state. Do we not see or care what that statement implies? The governor of Nevada meekly concedes that his cattle rancher does not have the law on his side; in a state in which the federal government controls over 2/3 of the land mass. At least the public sides with the Bundy’s and were it not for the Right to Bear Arms and the traditional exercise thereof, the Bundy Cattle Business would be extinct…just as every other cattle business on that land has been forced to close shop…I guess the law was not on their side either.

The Second Amendment, on which Thomas Jefferson opined would not be necessary until it is needed, now stands between the people of this great nation and the government that now fears the people and has armed itself to excess to defend against the people, is now needed. The illogical defense of innocent victims by creating gun free zones where they may be slaughtered without compunction, is exposed as the fraud it is.

I hereby call for a national day of recognition for the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal. I raise my glass to him and plead with every governor in America to take notice…the Second Amendment includes the admonition, intentionally and wisely included by the authors of the Bill of Rights, that this Right “shall not be infringed”. Governor Nathan Deal has just signed a bill which will save lives. Since the murder of innocent victims unable to defend themselves will be avoided, it is impossible to know how many lives will be saved and the liberal, fascist, government indoctrinated fools who don’t know jack about violence and the deterrent to crime and tyranny will help dig their own graves by siding with tyranny. A country in which only the rulers are armed has a silent or silenced, majority.

God bless Governor Nathan Deal; God bless America; a police state in which the police are more nervous than the people, thanks to men like Nathan Deal. Hope may just have been given a small dose of religion.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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