One Potato, Two Kabobs and a Republic to Go.

Putin called Barak yesterday just to rub his nose in reality. He said, “How do you like me now Mr. “flexibility? Ho Ho Ho.” Barak responded angrily with strong resolve, “Oh yeah? Don’t look now smarty pants but I’m your worst nightmare! Consequences like you ain’t seen are headed your way buster and for starters I’m sending you to your room without food stamps!”
Barak was mad as a wet hen. He raised his right arm to shoulder height and made a fist! No one had ever seen Barak make a fist before and the world took a breath and held it, as the most powerful man in the world (not counting a few upstarts like Vlad) shook his fist ever so deliberately…finally the President will tell the world that he’s “mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more!” All of Pennsylvania Avenue came a halt and it was so quiet you could hear a spider weaving webs in the White House. The Secret Service and every Imam in the White House leaned ears on the Oval Office door anxiously awaiting America’s response to aggression, terrorism and disrespect; then softly at first, almost a whisper, the leader of the free world was heard by all…”one potato, two potato, three..”
You could hear the sigh of relief echo across borders from Afghanistan to Pakistan to the Crimea and Korea and everyone resumed business as usual…actually business doubled! Putin chose another piece of the puzzle and went about finding it’s proper fit, Al Qaeda held a parade and re affirmed their war on the Cross Bearer, the peace loving United States of America, too busy dis-uniting to respond except for “one potato”. Besides Barak has to save his big guns for these clingy, pesky farmers, tax dodgers and Tea Party racists.
Al Qaeda is half way around the world you say? Let them beat each other over the head with camel dung, it’s none of our business? I’m not a worrier by nature. I am a reactive reactionary…Threaten me or mine and even if I don’t believe you I will get in the first punch. Al Qaeda is not half way around the world… they are around the world. We shouldn’t waste our time trying to decide if the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas or any other Burka hugging rag heads are related organizations. They all hum the same Mantra and we should treat them all the same; enemies sworn to proselytize by force, murder by choice and Shariatize every system of laws that does not conform to their ideology in America and in the world. A reasoned, measured response in kind is suicide; no response is insanity. Our strategy must be to strike any of these Muslim Organizations or every one of them if any one of them blinks or terrorizes us or any of our allies. We can apologize for the last strike just before the next one; that’s amusingly disconcerting if you’re a Muslim Jihadist and thought that was your strategy alone. Thanks to their agent behind the lines whose identity we are still trying to discover, things are going really well for these neanderthals in the Mid East, Africa, parts of Asia and pretty well in the U.S. of A., too.
What they must do is dissuade Americans of our belief in our exceptionalism. Convince Americans that the world does not appreciate our smug behavior or superiority complex. Strip the nation of our Judea Christian concepts on life, love and government. Take offense at every use of the word Muslim that does not praise or extol Islam. Punish all outward displays of Christianity as offensive to non believers but insist that Islamic Muslims be given preference and deference to atone for past offenses. Hire Imams to replace Chaplains in the military. Speak glowingly in public about the many glories of Islam. Build Mosques wherever possible, especially where they raise the greatest objection from the neighbors. Never concede that Muslims are united or engaging in acts of violence to soften our underbelly. Invent new terms to keep the infidels from focusing on an enemy identified by the actions of one group or individual; workplace violence is a knee slapper. Send money and arms to militants in the Middle East under the guise of siding with revolutionaries. Weaken American military readiness. See to it that Israel abandons all hope of having an American ally in their struggle to avoid annihilation.
All this and more has been done faithfully without exception by their man in our White House.
Listen closely and you will hear the most powerful man in the world gloat. One kabob, two kabob, three kabob more…

Smite the enemy where you find him. You won’t have to look farther than your home town for the Jihadists or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW for the main guy.

I responded; when will my countrymen come to the aid of their country?
God bless America,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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