Where the Buffalo Roamed

Is there more to the Bundy cattle story? It ain’t over ’till it’s over and it sure ain’t over yet.

Even in the best of times no government agency takes a lickin’ gracefully and these ain’t the best of times in America. There is an agenda afoot; there always is an agenda afoot and now the agenda is vindictive-driven to boot. Clive Bundy and all the little Bundy’s will have to be punished but first they will be hung in the court of public opinion by our independent, unbiased, politically-indifferent lynch-press, with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry.

Do you think the feds have gone into the cattle rustling business? Do you think the desert turtle keeps Barak up nights, worried they may throw themselves under the hooves of cows in a mad dash for extinction? The Bundy’s have been grazing their cows on this land since the late 1800’s and so far cows, bulls and cowboys have been able to negotiate the terrain without steppin’ in nuthin’ or on the bumpy shells of the defenseless-delicate-desert turtle. So it ain’t a cattle-battle, tortoise-purpose or grazing fees…it is intimidation and confiscation. Bundy is the last rancher standing after the all others were forced to abandon their chosen profession, with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry.

We have two forces in concert against American individualism in Nevada. Barak has a penchant to choose which industry will survive and which will find life too complicated and difficult to endure; coal out, wind in. American oil rigs out; foreign exploitation in. Fishermen sunk; Liberty shrunk, with a little help from his friend, Dirty Harry. In return for stagnating the Congressional process with unwavering partisan political hypocrisy, Harry gets to pick plums for personal ingestion to the detriment of constitutional integrity. In other words he threw in with a criminal enterprise operating out of the White House and led the war on ranchers so that a Chinese solar company could produce energy nobody wants at prices nobody can pay. “Dirty Harry” is far too corrupt to be given an iconic moniker that almost sounds romantic. Harry has betrayed his constituents and America. Right now he is in the process of destroying an American cattle rancher and his family financially, spiritedly and disparagingly and Barak looks on approvingly. Harry can have his ill-gotten empire, Barry wants total domination, transformation and fundamental change.

In the 1800’s it was public land and so far no one has told us when this sizable chunk of the North East corner of the southern part of Nevada was claimed, gifted or sold to the Feds because the Bureau of Land Management needed land to manage; we just know it happened in 1934. In 2014 a Chinese land grab is afoot…with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry. Clive Bundy grazes his cows with no respect for Harry’s awesome deals.

With friends in high places Harry called Barry and Barry sent in the Storm Troopers, SWAT, canine enforcers and turtle euthanizers; anything for a friend. With an overwhelming show of force and iron will never exhibited on the international scene, Barry tested the resolve of the Bundy’s and the people showed up. The ones with guns behind every blade of grass…the ones that cling to their religion and wave the Constitution like a cloak in the face of a raging bull and true to form Barry backed down. Putin, Netanyahu, Ayatollah, Kim Jong the Ill, Xi Jinping pong and every world leader and terrorist ran to the their respective chess boards and made a few moves…and Dirty Harry paled a little. The gutless wonder is not black after all; he’s yellow.

Fearless Harry shook his fist at the entire Bundy tribe and issued the only reliable statement to come out of this national tragedy; “this isn’t over Clive. You can’t embarrass me by denying my Chinese pals. It’s un-American.”

I hope the good guys get to write the history book. Harry deserves more than a footnote. He holds nothing sacred except his ambition and the Senate seat he stole (check the records; he could only have won the last election with a little help from his friend.) We do not have an administration in Washington; that needs to be recorded for posterity. There is in it’s place a regime born of a cabal; evil, corrupt, ideologically driven; in every sense of the word destabilizing; the antithesis of everything our founders believed and endowed in us.

No it’s not over. Nor is it an isolated case of overwhelming force against unsuspecting, hard working productive Americans and it will not be the last. We are living in an era of tyranny and most of us will go to our graves and not be fully cognizant of how this came about. Only if the good guys get to write the history book will there be a record and only if we defeat and remove Barak Hussein Obama and disassemble his achievements, will our children be free to read the history of our time.

Overwhelming defeat is hard to redefine. It is our obligation to elect worthy, qualified representatives with enormous margins of victory so that elections can’t be fixed without obvious corruption. We cannot hope to elect competent representatives unless we impose term limits on those who will not impose them on themselves. Vote in fresh blood every two or three terms. Do not allow our representatives to become career politicians no matter how great we think our guy is. He is truly great if he goes home after he serves a couple of useful terms. You will be amazed at the courage a politician can have if he knows his job is temporary.

Demand that Harry be impeached and Barak removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His guns will show up in our prairies and villages pointed at us; mine will send them back.

Pray for the Bundy family. Their ordeal may have just begun. An impeach Dirty Harry campaign may be the best way to help this American family.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”





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