The Cream Rises

Incompetence is not always obvious to the uninitiated but we expect our representatives to demonstrate a higher degree of awareness concerning our laws; especially the law of the land.

Attorney General Holder cited his broad discretionary powers for enforcing the law he is sworn to uphold and his audience ceded, nodding knowingly in accord. Was it stupidity or lack of courage that prevented even one member of Congress from politely correcting the record? The “broad discretion” afforded the Attorney General does not give him the authority to decide which laws to enforce…It is intended to give him discretion over which crimes to prosecute pertaining to every law in the land and embodied in the Constitution, case by case.

This Attorney General has taken upon himself, together with his partner in crime, the president for whom an oath is an epithet, to ignore certain laws entirely or apply certain laws selectively, according to race, political expediency and ideology. Since when does the Attorney General have the chutzpah to even suggest to States’ Attorneys General that they not enforce a particular law? This is dictatorship mentality. As revenge for the Supreme Court’s ruling in support of Arizona, the Obama Administration canceled its agreements with Arizona concerning joint enforcement of federal immigration law. So this perverse duo openly operates independently with no respect or concern for Congress or the Supreme Court or the will of the people.

In society, not necessarily polite, there are unwritten laws in accordance with the degree of civilization we have achieved as a society. Laws of common decency, courtesy, mutual respect, etc. Unwritten law covers ethical behavior and moral turpitude. For instance familiarity is frowned on when speaking to a superior or a stranger.

Eric Holder’s demeanor, language and attitude toward Congress and Rep. Louis Gahmbert in particular was reminiscent of a James Cagney tough guy movie. “You don’t want to go there Buddy” is an implied threat. Where I come from “them’s fightin’ words” and there is no place for intimidation in our historically civil process. But if the Attorney General of the United States demonstrates no respect for the Constitution, Congressional authority or the high office he holds why would he show any concern for civil accord or unwritten mores of behavior?

Barak and Holder are attached at the hip and show a mutual disdain for civilized behavior. Check their associations…Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are…Barak has been outed so many times in that regard that he has grown immune to the criticism. Of late his incredibly close association with the despicable Al Sharpton was met with indictable silence except for Barak’s reaffirmation of the friendship. Friendship? There is more to this rabble huddle than meets the eye. In the real world or the ethical world we once knew, a gutter snipe like Sharpton would be slime underfoot to an Attorney General or any self respecting, law abiding officer of the law. Barak and Eric the Red go back a long way and got their bones in the underworld society of anarchy together. But thugs of a kind are like birds of a feather and total transformation bodes a future of intimidation, domination and humiliation, if the trash now in power prevails. The laws of common decency, human kindness and prevailing justice have been suspended but our insatiable appetite for liberty and justice will prevail.

Perhaps it’s all part of God’s grand plan. Perhaps evil is less intimidating or successful when exposed to sunlight and it is no longer possible for Barak to keep his identity from becoming part of the dialogue. Sometimes a beautiful peach on the outside is rotten on the inside but if left to its natural course will collapse draw flies and be unacceptable for human consumption on sight. Barak, Holder, Reid, Pelosi…the list goes on…not fit for social acceptance or government service…not in our Constitutional Republic. In America the Cream Rises to the top and we the people are the cream of society.

Support any movement that seeks to remove Barak before the next election. The sooner we remove him and his minions the sooner we can begin the long road back to a functioning Constitutional Republic where the rule of law supports human achievement.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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