An Act of Love

It’s hard not to like the Bushes. They are a family that exhibits faith, patriotism, civic responsibility and love. I genuinely like every one of them that has given us a glimpse of their personality and I voted for two of them. There is genuine affection unabashedly displayed between husband and wife, friends and family and generously lavished on fellow countrymen most appropriately. They are human and as we all know to err is human.

I hope I do not have to vote for another Bush family member in my life time. Voting for them in the past was what I call defensive voting, since I will not vote for any Democrat even if he or she can levitate and speaks in parables. The decline of America has not been slowed by any Republican since Ronald Reagan and a vote for a third party candidate who cannot win is a vote for a Democrat; hence I vote Republican hoping to stem the tide until we come to our senses and elect effective candidates who take the oath of office literally. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Too tough for prime time?

The two Georges succumbed to political pressures in part because they do not entirely reject the opposition on ideological grounds and the nation suffers as a result. Jeb is equally human and though I admire his candor his views on immigration are naive, illogical and un-statesman-like. Mercy killing is a form of love but it is still illegal; entering a sovereign nation illegally because you want to provide for your family may have its motive based on love…it may be self preservation; it may be ambition and I have no fault with any of those motives. I have immutable reservations over the method of satisfying the need. As a Christian and as a human being I have great compassion for immigrants who gambled heavily to live the better life offered in this country and want only the opportunity to work hard and live free. The key word is gambled…you must be willing to accept the penalty for your own failed actions.

Our dilemma as a nation now is how to mete out justice leavened with compassion for every individual and every circumstance. Justice delayed is justice denied and our failure to protect our borders diligently for so many years condones the illegal behavior, like it or not. Perhaps the majorities of illegal aliens, save for the one indiscretion upon entry, have led law abiding existences and love this country as much as their legal counterparts. But we must not lose sight of the fact that countless immigrants have violated our borders intent on taking advantage of our generosity with no desire to find work. Others were granted visas they intended to overstay and others overstayed visas and realized no one was anxious to enforce the terms of or prosecute violators. With the help of God and the wisdom of Solomon we will or will not deal with these cases in a manner consistent with our Judea Christian values. A well turned phrase from Hilary…”What difference does it make, at this late date”…really does apply in this case.

Jeb you cannot in good conscience bless them all as having committed an act of love and not a crime. It is possible to commit an act of love without committing a crime but the inverse is not so easily accomplished. Would it not be more statesmanlike, more patriotic and less controversial to come out forcefully for the immediate securing of our borders and the automatic deportation of all illegal aliens now in custody for any crime of a misdemeanor or higher once they have paid their debt to society? And illegal aliens who accept or apply for benefits should be charged with a misdemeanor, if it is not one now. Once you have established respect for the rule of all laws, your unwavering belief in America’s sovereignty and conviction in the Constitution as the law of the land, reasonable people will not be so anxious to round up aliens for a mass deportation. Let’s belay this demagoguery about a “path to citizenship”. Like it or not we do not have the resources and even if we did it would be a terrible waste of money to investigate every case. We would likely mete out more injustice than justice trying to deduce which illegal alien is worthier or less worthy than the next. The problem will eventually be resolved by attrition.

Now if Jeb Bush adopted that stance I would still prefer not to vote for him but it would be refreshing to have one politician put America before his political career.

When confronted with tyranny it is our duty to rebel. To deny that protecting our borders is the first order of business for our country is an act of tyranny.

Demand that Barak and his Attorney General be removed for acts of tyranny. Remove his guns not mine. His will impose a lawless society; mine will ensure a lawful society.

God bless America,


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