I Solemnly Prevaricate

The preponderance of evidence shows Barak to be Muslim, not a Christian as he led us to believe before he captured the White House. 20 years or 100 years in a black supremacist congregation does not make one a Christian no matter how many crucifixes they display in the building. I have neither seen nor heard of any record of his baptism but there is ample proof that he was accepted into the Islamic faith as a youth and his attendance in a Muslim school, uniform and all, is well documented. A church that claims to be Christian but preaches a message of hate and division is heretic. A parishioner who claims he never heard the message in 20 years is a skilled liar conforming to the Koran dictum that condones lying to further a worthy objective. Barak has earned the title of Perfidious and leads the most mendacious administration in the history of politics. His in-house Imam must be very proud. As a Christian I am relieved and happy that Barak is not a Christian.
I assume Barak prays to Allah although I am not certain which Muslim sect or organization he identifies with when no one is listening. Based on his dictates and unilateral acts as President of the United States, I am convinced he is a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood; the organization incorporated in the United States in 1928 as a political organization pledged to Jihad; the conversion of all infidels to Islam and the annihilation of all Jews. In every instance Barak’s policies and actions in the Middle East have favored Muslim Brotherhood political objectives to the detriment of the Jewish State. His advice to Israel is to submit to the demands of the Palestinian terrorist machine and Iranian threats. Barak underestimates Israel’s determination to defend her sovereignty and protect her people and Iran will meet the fate of cowards at the hands of a truly intrepid Israeli military. I doubt if Barak or Iran realize that Jews and Christians pray to the same God. They will be shocked to discover on judgement day that there is only one God.
A Muslim’s oath is a meaningless act even if he places his right hand on a thousand Bibles; he is relying on his exemption from veracity provided in the Koran. Since Barak openly stated his objections to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights as flawed documents he could not take an oath to uphold those documents and is therefore not morally charged with the imperative to enforce our laws. Hence his and the Attorney General’s open disregard for the law and selective enforcement that only serves to demean the rule of law.
Right now Barak is struggling with major affairs of state that if he were a Christian in any sect, would cause his immediate excommunication if he dared make his prayers known publicly. For instance: Lord how do I confiscate their guns without violating (abridging) the Second Amendment? Lord, how do I kill civilians (only when necessary) without committing murder? Lord, I don’t mean to rush you but can you get back to me asap? These gun toting, God fearing, rabble rousing ingrates are beginning to get wise to me!
Support every anti government movement that seeks Constitutional redress. Demand that Barak be removed, prosecuted and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. Mine are constitutionally prescribed to end tyranny; his are intended to remove them.
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