Don’t Look Now

If you think of Hilary Clinton as a liberal democrat it is like thinking of a vampire as a member of the bat family. (Desmodus rotundus vs Hilarius rotunda). Bats are generally harmless, useful little critters but when they are a nuisance they can be removed by humanitarian methods or in some cases your local exterminator has a less kindly protocol. The formula to eliminate vampires is far more aggressive and lethal, and warrants desperate measures…A wooden stake in the heart before sunup or a wreath of garlic worn around one’s neck or some such measures seem to work best…(In mythology Vampires transmute into bats)
The point being that Conservative patriots cannot mount an effective offense, defense or political campaign if we don’t define the opposition; enemy is not too strong a word. More importantly we will not restore the Republic fighting a conventional war against unknown and unconventional forces. A cabal by any other name is still a cabal but how it conquers is the answer to defeating it.
Obama knows that only too well from his Alinsky lessons and said “don’t call me Hussein” to avoid a proper association at the wrong time…That is why the media and other liberals do not identify terrorists or terrorism; certainly not as Muslim terrorists or terrorism. Hence our retaliation to terrorist attacks is not spontaneous, never vigorous; (“don’t jump to conclusions” bought enough time to invent workplace violence, hence an act of terror, as the perpetrator intended, is still denied for what it is). We cannot achieve decisive victories if we don’t call our adversaries out for what they are, what they represent and hold them accountable for words, deeds and associations, political correctness and benefit of doubt be damned. Even if we win an election here and there we will lose the Republic if our end game is only to win elections and not the hearts and minds of the electorate. The enemy is indoctrinating while we are name calling. The defeat of the enemy within must be our ultimate purpose. After five years we haven’t stood as one and denounced the power grab that can only be a methodical, planned demolition of our heritage to be replaced by an autocracy of some form…Islamic Fascism comes to mind.
Who are the enemies of America that work to undermine our Constitution and re-interpret the Bill of Rights?
If a biographical account of Hilary’s life, associations, private conversations and socialist redistributive views, her aspirations, accomplishments and failures were posted for all to see but it substituted her name with an unknown conservative woman’s, the whole political community, Republicans, conservatives, Independents and democrats would recoil in horror to discredit and declaim their objections to such a person holding public office. Not so of Hilary because she has been overly protective of her true identity, public demeanor, political ideology, etc. Not until the debacle of Ben Ghazi and her rare revelatory words, “what difference does it make” were we afforded a glimpse of the calculating, unemotional persona so well hidden for decades. We don’t know Hilary and we don’t know the forces that are undermining our way of life.
There is a consensus among thoughtful citizens that the Democrat Party of old has been hijacked and bears no resemblance to the party that now controls 2 and 1/2 branches of government. We have, like it or not, a defacto dictatorship at the helm and modern democrats embrace and empower the movement. The Democrats of old had America’s best interests at heart and generally held the notion that government should have the role of benefactor…ideas we call liberal even though they don’t usually conform to the tenets of the Constitution. If there are today any democrats who hold the original party ideals they are mute, perhaps cowed. The prominent party members today are not given to ethical comportment nor prone to embarrassment for demeaning innocent victims, omitting pertinent facts or just issuing outright unrepentant lies. It used to be like that for personal gain, not ideological transmutation of a nation and we don’t seem to know the difference.
Harry Reid’s last contribution to the political discourse was to call all Americans who told their personal unhappy experiences with Obama Care…liars…He is the “statesman” who adopted the phrase “dead on arrival” and made it a House-hold tradition to embarrass and nullify his colleagues in the Congress. He looked America in the eye and stated flatly that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years. Liberal democrat? Pathological liar? Political noncomformist? or just a short sighted politically motivated micreant doing the unconstitutional bidding of a mandacious president…
Nancy Pelosi has shown utter disregard for the political process, has abused the generosity of the American people with a total lack of appreciation but rather a sense of entitlement and elitist privilege and participated in the most unrestrained, undisciplined, spend, borrow and spend Senate in the history of the country. Her personal use of government air transportation for years is unprecedented, unconstitutional and is no less than theft from American coffers to satisfy her over inflated ego. Her wide eyed flights of fancy are calculated to mislead and deceive no matter what the incentive might be. You have to pass to see what’s in it.
Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dianne Feinstein are all prime examples of the cold, calculating, deceptive political denizens that cajole, lie, demean and misinterpret for political expediency or avarice to get their way and again to avoid responsibility for the havoc they cause. Harry Truman would have them all horse whipped…JFK would have had Bobby tug their coat tails until they clammed up and Tip O’Neil wouldn’t be seen in a bar with any of them; neither would I.
Barak, their chosen leader, has no loyalty to any American political party. His policies are equally devastating to all Americans, party line irrelevant. The Democrat Party was the horse he rode in on and will be let out to pasture if the grand scheme to rise to an autocracy succeeds. The loyal sycophants will learn the hard way that dictatorship is a lonely job, because access must be restricted to the required few to ensure longevity. You, my miserable political hacks, will be forced to live with the rules you wished on the rest of us and a few more you never dreamed would come down the pike to haunt you. I take little to no comfort in that fact.
The transfer of control of the Internet is an integral piece of the puzzle that we now know as total transformation or fundamental change. The naivety is in the groping for rational excuses and perplexity for this latest act of treason…Along with fundamental change comes the required measures to insure dominance and autocratic control of the populace. It requires control of the liquidity in the economy…Obamacare gives the administrator control of 17-20% of the economy. It requires that crowd control be accomplished by intimidation or edict and force if need be and that is a tall order if the citizens are armed. The Second Amendment is under siege. Barak has begun to assemble his private militia and his authority is tucked away in the Trojan horse called The Affordable Care Act. Establishing one man rule requires that religions are dissuaded from giving solace and comfort or providing a venue for unity through prayer. Reliance on a higher power must be diminished to give the state top priority when seeking sustenance or moral guidance. Religious persecution is a fact of life in the military and our institutions of higher learning are told that separation of Church and state is defined in the Constitution and we mustn’t offend the sacrilegious. Barak is the modern day antidisestablishmentarionist…Religious persecution is near the end of a transformation but critical to the process. Remember…America is not a Christian nation…Islam has a long history of contribution to the America heritage…really?
Fundamental change requires indoctrination and mind control of the nation’s youth from the womb to the tomb. It requires that free speech be eradicated and communication to organize among rebel factions be monitored and censored…punished when needed…The Internet is a major obstacle during a transformation of this kind unless it is used to accomplish the state’s eavesdropping modalities. Transformation requires that any attempts to regenerate upward mobility are discouraged and dissembled. It requires that a militia loyal to the autocracy is the dominant armed force to prevent gathering, rioting and demonstrations forcefully….
Barak hasn’t missed a step though I may have. Control of the Internet will be transferred and the new controlling entity will never be clearly defined.
“Kiss me nobody’s looking” is phrase that will no longer be part of the American experience. Somebody is looking…and listening…and taking names…
Do not be misled. Do not believe that a savior is warming up in the wings and will come to our rescue on election day. This is a job for the people and only the people have the authority to decide the fate of this country. Time to get out of our comfort zones and give our fortunes, our lives and our good names to defeat tyranny…this time it is home grown and twice as capable.
Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have many. Hold him accountable and begin the healing. I will never be a democrat but I long for the old democrat party that was wrong but righteous.
God Bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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