Outed But Not Ousted

The revelation that Barak lied about Health Care brings into focus the lies he was accused of but was not held accountable for. His birth certificate, social security card, nationality, relationships with his family members, ties to socialists, communists and terrorists, his membership in a black supremacist church, his Islamic Muslim religious preference, his college records, employment records and on and on.

Arguably some of these lies are more important than his blatant lies about health care. It is altogether possible, more than likely, in my view, that he did not meet the basic requirements to allow him to run for the presidency. It is an established fact that Barry, Barak if you prefer, could not have been hired to protect a president, much less be one. He cannot get security clearance if he can’t pass a background check and all that is needed to fail a background check is association with known felons or subversives.

Barak lies about everything and his appointees had better toe the line to protect, deflect and support the lie of the moment. Today Chuck Hagel tried to intimidate Israel and cited our pledge to defend Israel and not allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. All the facts on the ground to the contrary, Hagel insists that Israel ignore those and accept his and Barak’s word as gospel.

Aside from the sheer hypocrisy involved the one thing we must take away from this attitude is the dogged assumption that the fundamental transformation Barak is engineering is the new normal. Nothing in Barak’s itinerary or the activity of his subordinates indicates even the slightest concession to the opposition. He continues edict his way through the political morass, pleased to bypass Congress at will.

Yesterday he publicly stated that no American assets are being spared to assist the search for the missing Malaysian 777. Today boots on the ground contradict that statement, complaining that the administration is dragging its feet on the matter. If Barak is lying, and his reputation precedes him big time right now, the purpose escapes all logic. He could say nothing and get credit for any positive news that happens along. But no event or discussion escapes the ideological, probably pathological, liar’s impulse. The regime has become transparent because it is no longer credible…we see through their lies which are now evidenced by moving lips. They say that the truth can sometimes be a bitter pill. If so as long as Barak is en scene we will be subjected to a steady diet of cloying, annoying reportage. The first five years hardly count because we were still trying to discern fact from fiction. It doesn’t matter now because if any facts seep through wall of shame they hardly bear good news; the rest is pure, unadulterated, and preposterous to a fault bull-phoney.

Beyond that Israel can rest assured that if they are obliterated by a nuclear bomb Barak will impose the most stringent economic sanctions in retaliation, especially if his golf game is interrupted by the news. The news however would not delay for one fleeting moment the process of transformation in America. Religious persecution infests our military and permeates our universities but in our grade schools, where children are simply sponges seeking moisture, the curriculum presents one view; evolution, state infallibility and liberal morality and the product will be inured to the new order.

The Bill of Rights was declared by Obama to be a “problematic” document. His strategy is to render as many of them irrelevant or unenforceable as possible and the rest will have no bearing on his ascendancy to grandeur. The Second Amendment is the only one that requires constant and multifaceted attacks…it could upset the most organized and oppressive conversion…it may be the lynch pin that holds our Republic intact.

We are no longer being deceived. It seems to me the program has shifted and the emphasis is now on indoctrination. We are beginning to accept the new rules with resignation. I hear too much anger without indignation over the new taxes, the new medical realities, employment, Putin’s land grab, Syria’s business as usual, new mortgage restrictions, spending as the cure for debt, debt as the cure for fiscal responsibility…I hear a preposterous sigh of relief when Obama postpones draconian laws unconstitutionally, to accommodate political expediency or election strategy. A postponement is not a reprieve. The governor isn’t going to call off the execution. Your taxes are going up, more things will be taxed, less things will be deductible, medical co pays will decimate savings, confiscation will become more aggressive and soon, unless we decide it’s not going to happen, Americans will stop referring to this country as the home of the free and the brave. “The brave” we refer to have yet to face down the enemy and take back the country barak set twisting in the wind.

I do feel the ground shaking and I do believe a day of reckoning is afoot. I grow impatient. We are not Israel. I believe Israel may well be waiting to retaliate rather than silence their enemies with a deadly preemptive strike., bless their brave souls. America has no retaliatory plan and certainly no preemptive notions. It is futile for Barak to worry about other nations building up their defenses and war machines when the goal all along was to reduce America’s capabilities anyway. 

Keep wagging your finger barak…soon Americans will sever it at the third knuckle.

Demand that an American president replace Barak immediately; in every sense of the word.

He’s been outed; now let’s oust him.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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