United Nations: August Body or Subversive Organization?

I am an admitted obsessive compulsive personality. If my house caught fire while I was doing a crossword puzzle I’d probably finish the puzzle before I call the fire department. I could never oil one squeaky door without lubricating the entire building and lint or a thread has an irresistible magnetic pull on me, even on a stranger’s shoulder in a crowded elevator or standing in line at Walmart. I gotta do what I gotta do. I connect dots too. One dot is enough to perk up my ears and the moment the second dot appears, bam! A logical conclusion takes shape. (Some would demur, I’m sure.)

I never liked the United Nations. As a former New Yorker I resented the prime real estate their building occupies but most of all I resent the diplomatic immunity extended to reprobates and ingrates, ignoring parking tickets and escaping arrest for heinous crimes as well as petty larceny, like a virus immune to all vaccines. In Italy they have a saying; “hospitality is like fish; after three days it stinks”. The UN has long overstayed their welcome in my biased, acrimonious, studied opinion and their current mission has become…well, fishy, if you connect dots compulsively or as a measure of self/national preservation. What evil lurks in the hearts and minds of a behemoth institution that started out after WW 2 as an arbiter of good will and common sense among nations and today commands peace keeping troops and military assets greater than some of their members? When an institution has outgrown its original mission I need to know what their vision is right now and going forward. It concerns me that the bias against Israel is palpable before they vote and unconscionable after and more recently it seems that our national opinion is sometimes formed in the National Assembly. Israel is our ally. Palestine was invented in Iran and given life in the UN. Israel was sentenced to death in the UN and America is beginning to act like chief prosecutor and executioner. It’s obvious that the UN has a particular animus toward two countries while they hold themselves out to be equanimous, impartial and dispassionate.

I have seen some of the good works and humanitarian contributions the UN is capable of and I would not deny their usefulness in fact and concept. But when the greatest nation on the face of the earth repeatedly refers to the United Nations to resolve or opine on sovereign matters I have to ask how they see their ultimate role in world governance; more to the point, how does the Obama regime calculate the UN authority in Barak’s perfect world? The UN did not recuse itself, as I believe they have no standing in our Congress, when the brilliant idea of a United Nations Small Arms Treaty was hatched. Was it Moon’s concept, Hilary Clinton’s, Valerie Jarret’s or did barak have an original thought? Did Moon pick up the phone and say, “Barak I see you’re have a little trouble disarming the natives, anything I can do to help?”

And who among us truly understands all of the ramifications, real and implied, of turning over the Internet control to the United Nations? Are we supposed to believe that global control is some diaphanous, undefined benevolence unrelated to the United Nations, China, Russia, Iran and Satan? The First Amendment applies only to Americans but I am certain the United Nations will respect our rights to privacy, freedom of expression and free speech; and I’m sure Barak would never lie to the American people. I’m just wondering if that will matter if the level of betrayal we are experiencing includes our ultimate demise. We are empowering our enemies economically, militarily, psychologically and now in an unprecedented, yet undefined gift of internet control.

I wonder if Ronald Reagan, given the circumstances surrounding today’s political and technical advancements would still say “trust, but verify”. It’s beginning to sound a bit trite and naive. It is time to stop trusting, double and triple down on verification, connect the dots, make some logical assumptions and take back control of our destiny, our privacy and our security; and perhaps the internet. While we don’t see any logic to this decision rest assured it is not done in our best interest.

Remove Barak for cause. Prosecute and hold him and anyone he denies knowing accountable; then throw a tent over the White House with all present occupants present and fumigate.

God bless America.


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