Not a camel’s hair separates the historic events that changed the political complexion of two nations; proving there’s more than one way to skin a cat…or a Republic.

Unfortunately when Putin walked all over Crimea Barak had his foot caught in a bucket of accommodation…Not to be accused of not uttering a peep over the issue, Barak pipsqueeked a peep and nothing more. Once Putin was well ensconced Kerry peeped all over the place…It worked! Putin saw the error of his ways and immediately called for elections…let the people decide! Lo and behold 97% of the people threw in with Putin! In an historic moment of rare international cooperation (check me if I’m wrong), I believe Kerry and Putin huddled together and counted the votes personally, just to be sure there would be no chicanery. After all; it’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes that counts. With that sage Russian adage in mind, two courageous leaders took charge. No hanging chads with Kerry on the case.

Our courageous leader, despite having a very sore index finger, (wagging and picking can be exhausting), after a respectful period of mourning for the incidental loss of life by suicide (check me again, I may be off a smidgen here) Barak removed his finger from its healing and resting, dark but warm location and admonished Putin, wagging sternly…peep, peep, peep! Out classed, out bloviated and still smarting from the last cold war lickin’ Putin vowed not to liberate any more Russians for at least a week…six days or so…It’s not his fault…It is impossible to stop the forward momentum of neighborhood organizers and Barak is truly impressed with the size of the neighborhood Putin is organizing…besides, there will be elections and no one knows better than Barak that elections have consequences…I’m sure all the other countries in the Ukraine can’t wait for election day in the good ol’ USSR. That sentimental little rascal is bringing back the good old days!

Barak might as well reinsert his finger where the sun don’t shine and watch the parade going by with the rest of the bloviating world who aren’t about to do anything that makes Putin really mad. (Take that any way you want; Nuts and Angry are interchangeable this month).

And who are we to talk? Sure the poor Crimeans created just enough of a diversion for the local despot, salivating for the right moment to make his move, to revert to character. He took one dismissive look over his shoulder and pounced, unafraid. The world’s policeman was not walking his beat. Barak made it perfectly clear that he had no appetite for confrontation anywhere except in the do-nothing Congress of the United States.

Barak has no reason to be jealous of Putin. Putin went in like a bull in a China closet to devour Crimea and the election was a sham that would earn the scorn of every country in Europe for years to come; weeks, at least… Barak, on the other hand, came to power with an election that no one dares to claim was fixed, exuding charm and transparency. That’s how its done when you have years of real planning and preparation. There are some drawbacks, obviously. Americans continue to cling to their religions and guns; Putin has all the guns and religion doesn’t bug him. If he catches somebody praying for the wrong outcome he knows exactly where the hammer and sickle are hidden and has no compunction over wielding same. Barak wishes he had that kind of clout. Putin makes no bones about his election process; you vote, I count; I win. Barak is wrestling with the concept; the next election will be tricky and his narrow arse may be toast if he calls them off because Putin is sword rattling again or we have another workplace violence incident…Decisions, decisions, decisions. Putin, on the other hand made his decisions long ago…now all he has to do is act and call our bluff…act again, call our bluff again….quite simple when the other guy doesn’t even try to hide his cards and is bluffing with nothing showing.

In a way I envy Crimea. The people there know exactly what is befalling them. Total transformation holds no secrets or mystery for them. They know who Putin is and no one has any false notions on his intentions. Americans are still trying to decide who Barak is and what he’s up to, although our suspicions are growing deeper every day. Here’s the deal.

Barak is the most dangerous man in the room for America and the Middle East. He is ruthless and mendacious. Putin is running a slow third when it comes to raw ambition and ideological fanaticism. Putin knows the lunatic fringe of the Islamic Muslim movement to convert the world to Islam and he wisely realized some time ago that Barak’s ambition lies with that insanity, at least as a partner to bring America down, dominate the Middle East and breathe hatred and death threats on Israel. No love lost. In the end Putin is the undisputed top guy in Russia and his ambitions are centered on his and Russia’s best interests, like it or not, evil or not. Barak’s ambitions for America are contrary to our best interests and he intends to replace our heritage with his stated preferences…He has plainly stated his antithesis with this country and his intentions to transform us…Putin was listening, we were not.

The world is a dangerous place and becoming more so as the two or three major powers in the world are forcing changes. If the three of us were intent on positive growth the danger quotient would be less. When the 800 pound gorilla in the room goes on a diet and clips his own claws his roar becomes the music the other two dances to.

We can’t change world affairs right now. We must first change our own destiny, remove the boot from our neck and take back the mantel of peace through strength. If we don’t act soon the democracy and liberty Americans died for on foreign soil will have to be fought for all over again. As it is we may well have to fight for our own freedom again or the asterisk on the world map will refer to the footnote of history; *formerly the United States of America; a failed experiment in self government. 1776-2016.

We have less than three years to decide what we want to be; a republic of, for and by the people or a has-been, debt-ridden, unproductive nation, robbing from the rich and giving to the oligarchy.

Demand that Barak and his entourage be removed, tried and held accountable. Replace or restore this great nation but let us resolve not to be taken in our sleep.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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