The Ubiquitous Fork in the Road

I welcome every effort to restore America and lend my support willingly when called for. There are many citizens and organizations working to bring awareness and encourage participation in government to preserve or reinstate our traditional value system and constitutional integrity. We all yearn for the America we took for granted yet enjoyed the benefits of our unique political structure, affording self determination and boundless financial opportunities…The unnatural turn toward socialism with pronounced autocratic dictates is not embraced by mainstream America but imposed on us by an ideological minority, intent on creating a dependency state in America. It is possible and likely we will turn the tide but I’m afraid the forces that seek our destruction will simply return to the sidelines and await their return to power so they can complete the job begun perhaps 100 years ago. Incremental politics is not new to those who cannot gain acceptance of their radical transformational ideas by honest presentation of their intentions. Turning the tide is temporary reparation and perhaps we will only get to stem the tide; tides are not ours to control purposeful activism. We need to drown the forces that seek our demise and ride the seas proudly in a sturdy ship, no matter whether tides are rising, receding or changing the course of history. Our destiny will once again be in our hands.

Survey the state of our economy, international credibility, moral certitude, ethicality, religious persecution, political disingenuousness, education standards and scores, dependency figures, employment problems, rampant unemployment, work force participation, productivity, currency devaluation, etc., etc., and tell me we need to bring the country back from the brink…the brink, my patriotic fellows, sadly has long since passed.

We are in a civilization whirlpool; a political-ideological eddy in which liars are judged on whether the business they are in requires tactical presentation of distorted facts…and we reward the better liars…Atheists are offended by the existence of religious icons and perpetuate the persecution of Christians and Jews with the fabrication of the nonexistent separation of Church and State clause…It is prejudicial and patently unfair to be offended by these bizarre demands. While the left waves the separation of church and state in our faces this regime is sympathetic to and shows a decided preference to Islamic Muslim interests, vis-a-vis a political religious organization that mingles government and religion freely, sworn to Jihad. Morality is left to the conscience of the sinner while behavioral standards are politically incorrect…our political system is corrupt to the point that honest politicians (a bit of an oxymoron) are ostracized and demonized while we idolize and reelect demagogues and pedophiles, allow them to name bridges after themselves and reward them for longevity in office and admire them for enriching themselves at our expense…

America needs to be reborn if the call for restoration is too little too late…Restoration is an herculean undertaking surpassed in difficulty by a secession and rebirth, but that is the cross roads looming before us. Either course is only possible in this era, on this continent, by we the people, only if we accept and implement the leadership role our forefathers bequeathed us.

Bloody my brow and let the battle begin. Oust the incumbents…defeat the cabal and restore the Constitutional Republic, newly formed and wizened by history. The Second Amendment has never, in the history of the Republic, been the constant topic of conversation and the object of heated political debate that it is today; because it is the one right that is not much thought about until it is needed. If we don’t cling to our guns and our religion they will surely be taken from us.

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” Plato

And so it has come to pass.



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