How Will You Be Judged?

Consider the courage and faith of a nation constantly under mortal threat by its neighbors and now betrayed by her strongest ally, yet continues to hold out an olive branch and call for common sense solutions to intractable demands. The incredible depth of faith of a people who hold out hope that an enemy pledged to Jihad, sworn to destroy Israel and murder all Jews, will one day see the error of their ways and embrace Israel as a neighbor is beyond my grasp.
Jewish tradition, holding peace to be humanity’s highest commandment, deems armed conflict to be a final resort in the preservation of peace. The idea of a preemptive attack, despite the goading and threats of her enemies, is especially onerous in traditional Jewish lore. I am in awe yet deeply concerned for these warm and loving people.
Have you ever heard an Israeli leader remind the Arab world that Israel is a nuclear power? I have not. I dare say some Americans forget that fact and continue to champion a two state solution; it sounds so fair. It gives new meaning to hold your friends close and your enemies closer. Why? So they can more readily lob bombs into school houses and childrens’ play grounds? Israeli citizens live with gas masks at the ready, always prepared to take shelter on a moment’s notice because the enemy at their doorstep can kill Jews with impunity and accuse Israel of aggression. Our solution is for Israel to give the enemy better tactical position. The so-called Palestinians or enemy Arab nations do not live in fear of an Israeli preemptive attack because they know and take advantage of the fact that Israel is a peaceful, productive nation.
At times I have urged Israel to give notice and on a day certain deliver the weapon Iran lusts for, unless Iran desists from developing Nuclear capability and any further mention of “wiping Israel off the map.” I believe in a tooth for a threat and an eye for slander, but I am not Jewish. I’m not in Benjamin Netanyahu’s head either but I have to believe that his religious constraints temper his political rhetoric and may even be at the core of the Jewish philosophy to abide the slings and arrows though many of the arrows find their deadly mark.
This mighty little nation has conceded to every ill considered, prejudiced demand our presidents and diplomats have urged, supposedly to bring peace to the Middle East. Failure, even abject failure and the resultant death of innocent Israeli victims time and again, does not deter our leaders from urging Israel to repeat the mistakes of the past, appease her enemies and agree to her own demise at the hands of anti Semitic, blood thirsty, history inventing murderers. For once Israel politely demurs.
Considering the history of the Jewish people, their pacifism and patience in the face of imminent danger is awe inspiring. If that history did not include their propensity to overcome outrageous and enormous odds, and never for a moment forsaking their faith in G-d, I would not give a Continental for their chances to survive the 21st century. But if you told me America will survive, in large part because Israel stood her ground, I would not be surprised at all. Defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and this cabal in our midst will lose some of its resolve.
Recall John Kerry. Put the lying bum in irons for all I care. One strand of Jewish hair from the most humble Jew who ever lived and died for us is more precious than all who defend or incite genocide. A two state solution is a Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian ploy to reduce Israel’s defenses and sovereignty until the Jihadists would have the courage to follow through on their vaunted threats or lessen their fear of the enemy they outnumber 100 fold…
“When push comes to shove”…where have I heard that phrase before? I do believe it was when Barak told us where his loyalty lies. Islam contributed nothing to the proud heritage this nation has earned; and now that I think about it we earned that heritage by behaving and believing in an exact opposite manner and ideology than the Islamic factions that terrorize and impose themselves on the generosity of others. Why would Barak hold forth with that lie? Recall Barak. Hold him accountable and restore the Republic, rebuild our relationships and reaffirm American excellence.
If Barak leaves office to command the respect afforded ex presidents I will see that as an American embarrassment we may never live down. He has succeeded in transforming this nation to suit his ideology beyond our worst fears. Even if we mend our fences with Israel the damage done by enhancing Muslim prowess in the Middle East will continue to dog Israel for years to come unless we find a way to reverse Obama’s contributions to Muslim influence and newfound prowess.
Support Israel with letters, phone calls and activism. Silence endorses the betrayal this regime stands for including the atrocities that will surely ensue.
If you love America stand for justice and human rights where and when it counts.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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