It Pays Not…To Be Ignorant

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but those of us who believe our eyes and ears don’t lie, don’t always have the patience to tolerate them. The opinions I can’t tolerate these days are uttered mostly by Americans I love dearly, who have undying faith in America’s stability, the Constitution, the integrity of our legal system and in our military to defend our freedom on foreign soil…no one would dare attack us on our turf. That’s not an opinion or a response to considered warnings that America is under attack…it is an excuse to go about one’s business and not sweat the small stuff; to leave it to our elected officials. We pay taxes so that we don’t have to worry about people like me…In my opinion the sky is falling. This is the time to yell fire in a theater and hope that everyone finds safety.
Our armies have been invincible on foreign soil (with a couple of minor exceptions) for two hundred plus years. Until Barak that statement was indisputable and no nation dared take us on head to head…They feared our army and loved our soldiers. It is now reasonable to assume that the threats our enemies issued in frustration were not idle. They could not defeat us on the field of honor and they could not compete in the cold war. Why then is it difficult to accept the fact that they are having their way with us on our soil, in our political and economic systems and from within are destroying our military capability? Weren’t we told so with shoe banging and Jihad hanging?
To destroy us from within our enemies would necessarily have to have a man on the inside; and he opened the front door and let his associates in as czars, appointees and shadows plying the inner sanctum of our White House, Pentagon, Congress and Judicial system. Can you place an agent in our midst without years of preparation and planning? Would an American president preside over the rapid deterioration of our infrastructure and monetary system without taking some restorative action? Then why doesn’t it occur to Obama?  After five years of consistently following the course he set from his first day in office with not one iota of economic, military, moral, social or diplomatic improvement Barak shows no signs of ameliorating his policies, redacting his rhetoric, to mend a political fence or admit to not admitting his true agenda and past affiliations which are intact and stronger than ever.
Five years is a long time to tolerate a cabal without admitting there is one. The policies we are expected to hold with are not only having the reverse effect promised; they are the same policies that have brought down every nation in history that allowed demagogues the power to control them. George Washington bled to death believing that bloodletting was a sure for what ailed him. Let’s learn from the father of our country that blood letting is not a cure; it is the slow but sure sapping of life from the most healthy patient. The doctor in the Oval Office insists that the cure for what ails us is to bleed us to death.
The cure at this point in the drama is to eliminate the villain before the final curtain. That is not my opinion; it is the obvious conclusion we must come to despite our long held opinion that America is invincible. Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine; remove his militia…not ours…
Guido — Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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