Now is the Hour

From Life’s lessons to Instincts to Heart…From Rallying to Railing to Baling

The American middle class society is the greatest phenomenon of human development in the history of man. People have migrated here from the four corners of the earth for centuries to chase the American dream; a dream that was denied them in their country of origin. America offered a lifetime of comfort and security, guaranteed by our Constitution, as long as they were able to work and were willing workers; with the added bonus of freedom to achieve ones’ highest potential in a society that did not impose obstacles or punish success. They brought their middle class, conservative values and America welcomed them.

The countries they left behind punished upward mobility and preyed on the working class for government sustenance. To keep the masses dependent on government required that they accept subservience and in some cases meager subsistence, under the guise of equality; and government would promise much and deliver just enough so that if there were options they were too risky or impractical. For the more adventurous starting over in America was an option they dreamt of and government was hard pressed to deny them. Of course some nations simply refused them travel freedom and we all know of the heroic escapes to freedom some brave souls lived to tell about and many did not, from places like Russia and Cuba.
When the winds of change began to stir in America I was slow to surmise what lay ahead, but there were signs I could have recognized fifty years ago and warnings we should have heeded one hundred years ago. Five years ago we had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to reject the brazen bid for power by the radical upstart who would not permit us to utter his middle name until after he was elected. The changes began while I was still very productive and making the most of what America had to offer me. Even while I was a victim of government abuse and persecution I was convinced that my situation was an anomaly. I was grateful to live in a country where I could start over if need be and use the same formula for success again…hard work, creativity and integrity. When a ton of bricks materialized to cascade on my world I could no longer deny the obvious. What I had just lived through was the last vestige of equal opportunity giving way to government ordained equal results…and the mortal wounding of the free market, property rights, entrepreneurship and shared risk. When the words fundamental change and total transformation were uttered as a promise by the Democrat Candidate for the presidency of this country and the speaker was the most unqualified ideologist to seek that post since Adolph Hitler in Germany, the bricks may as well have been real. And America gushed and sobbed hysterically because we elected a black man…and even that is now up for interpretation. Life’s lessons would not be lessons if I continued to ignore the signs, even the damning facts…and I did the most natural thing one does when sensing danger…my instincts took over telling me that this was no passing storm; change, once it gains momentum, knows no bounds and so I began my crusade to warn my fellow citizens.

I wrote my first article warning America what was in store for us if we failed to act to reject and eject Obama, in 2008. My articles went from rallying the country through four and a half years of transformation to railing against the regime in power and the changes it imposed, in an effort to expose for the least interested among us the true agenda and character of the cabal, to what we must now face as unwelcome alternatives.  We can accept the new order and resign ourselves to the conditions that are now prevalent; we can seek out and back candidates whom we believe have the courage of our convictions and the wisdom and fortitude to restore our traditional value system and Constitutional integrity; or, if we believe that our election process is no longer reliable and the time to take control of our destiny as a Constitutional Republic is fleeting, we can bail; secede, regroup and restart.

The vision for America perceived by liberals to be just and equitable is a vision with no  model of success to emulate and no logical explanation of how it can succeed when it must fail before it begins. Fifty Percent of the country on dependency is not something we can be proud of. The reality is that we are already forced to accept the inane concept that  global warming is responsible for the freeze on earth and American productivity is responsible for the global warming…The seas will rise to drown half of us…unless we give the government broad powers and more money to make America as uncompetitive as possible. The leaders of the coup are far more clever than the sycophants they deceive…they continue to deny their failures and claim success when dismal failure clouds our future and our present but will result in unimaginable power and riches for them.

We conservatives don’t exactly have a vision for America. We can justly point to recent history and evidence worldwide that America the beautiful benefited most of the world, was loved by most of the world and stands as the last beacon of hope on earth for men of good will to spread wholesome values, peace through strength and wealth creation; we intend to restore that America.

We don’t seem to get it. The power to end the transformation lies within us. We need to wield the power given us in the Constitution which is derived from our religious beliefs; so we need to restore our religious fervor. We the people are endowed by our creator not a rogue government and government derives its authority from us; not our creator any other deity. A government that attempts to alter our religious preferences while assisting and encouraging an Islamic presence here and abroad, has an outward animus toward the Right to Bear Arms, weakens our military dangerously while building a private militia shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt…that is the classic government model that has caused misery and bloodshed throughout the ages and as we speak in Crimea, Syria, North Korea, Iran…It has come to America personified by the most dangerous man in America and the world…Barak Hussein Obama…Just call me Barry.
Several states are threatening secession; thirteen at last count. It is impractical at best, even for the former Republic of Texas, unless those states that recognize the true danger we face going forward in this mode are able to unite and secede in unison, prepared financially, militarily and philosophically to stay the course no matter the consequences. A planned, organized secession prepared to reinstate the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the immutable law of the land, meaning that no alternate form of government or candidate with an alternate form of government in mind will be tolerated.
God bless the forefathers and God bless America…
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