The Iron Is Hot

I know what to do when an employee is acting against the best interests of the employer. Early in my career I had great difficulty firing even the most incompetent and least effective employees and I always had misgivings and concerns for the individuals days after they were gone; until a dear friend and mentor gave me a very simple piece of advice. If an employee is not performing up to expectations or fulfilling his or her duties, keeping them in the job does them a great disservice. They will never reach their potential if they can’t advance and their continued employment is tantamount to sabotaging the company. Free them to find their niche.

After that lesson management became a much more satisfying task for me. Not only could I end a relationship before bitterness set in or anger took control of the situation but of equal or greater importance I became far more selective in my hiring practices. If you don’t hire people because they need a job but rather because you need their services you are both way ahead of the game. It is a disservice to the employee to hire them when they are not fully qualified to handle the position; on the job training can be too costly for the company and frustrating to the employee if they don’t possess the necessary tools and temperament to begin with.

Barak Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, was not qualified by any measure of competence, could not pass a proper back ground check if we cared enough to do one and showed a decided dissatisfaction, indeed dislike, for the country that would employ him. Additionally he refused to tender elementary documents normally provided and took extraordinary steps to keep those records from public view. He continues to withhold those records and pays lawyers handsomely to keep them hidden. In my world he’s gone.

To compound the error, once on the job he showed an amazing disinterest in the basic or traditional duties he could address and his priorities seemed counter intuitive to the needs of the country. In my world he is toast.

After five years in office his demeanor is now openly contentious, arrogant and
supercilious. His policies have diminished us across the board…Every measure of performance of national importance is off kilter and every solution is illogical, nontraditional and controversial. The results are predictable and culpability is denied or passed like a football on last down with no open receivers and no expectation of scoring. In my world he is escorted out of the building.

Our refusal to take stern early measures has dire consequences we knew were inevitable. An Ostrich with its head in the sand is more exposed and vulnerable than an ostrich on the attack. It’s not as though barak hasn’t telegraphed his knockout punch; he has been chipping away at our military and diminishing our defenses from the day he walked into the Oval Office and put his feet on our sacred furniture for the first time. And now we have the upshot revealed in the new budget…hardly a budget designed to bring America into fiscal alignment, but let’s forget the borrowing and spending and talk about the morale of our military and America’s ability to defend itself; to say nothing of maintaining, even half hearted, our traditional role of peace keepers and trade protection in the world.

The military components Chuck Hagel revealed and the Barak budget provides for will guarantee that America, as a third rate power with bountiful assets, will inevitably invite war on our soil for the first time since the American Revolution…a war we will be ill equipped to win. The draconian cuts to our Army, Navy and Marines are unconscionable in a world where our enemies are building their ability to wage war in direct response to our reduction in defenses. Lest we forget; what has become of Barak’s private militia? The one that should be as well funded and strong as our standing army? Should we ask? The dark days of repression and tyranny are closing in rapidly. This budget which punishes our servicemen financially and morally must not stand. While it is a document that surrenders this nation to the next pretender for the throne without contest, it plunges us into economic nether land and destitution, more than likely to bring about an ice age of productivity in which we will all be praying for global warming; spiritual, economic and security wise…In my world the cause of such devastation is removed and severely punished.

At my age I am not interested in preparing for calamity and in truth I wouldn’t be a great source of good advice or comfort in that mode. Preparing for calamity is defeatist, ill advises and un-American. Like the ostrich I know we stand a greater chance of success if we attack and attack we must. Barak must be removed and held accountable.

The solutions to our problems are staring us in the face and have been since 1776. The Constitution and writings of our forefathers take these times into consideration. It is never too late to go home. Redemption is ours for the taking and forgiveness is ours for the asking.

Indeed our greatest fear now should be inaction. When in doubt do something…for doing nothing will result in our greatest fears being realized.

He should never have been hired. He should not have survived his first term. If he survives his second term….we will not.

Only if the people act decisively can we restore the order of authority that this man has all but reversed, single handed. Our first line of defense, the Congress and Supreme Court, for all intents and purposes are now ineffective and impotent. They have been captured like chess pieces in swift preemptive moves along with the press and most of media. We the people lost the initiative and are now the last line of defense but I assure you…united we are invincible and faced with a determined electorate Barak and his minions will fold like a cheap camera. Take back America my friends while there is an America to take back.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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