Advance at Your Peril

Americans took freedom for granted for 240 years. Only since the election of an increasingly shadowy figure who sits in the Oval Office daily defying the rule of law, usurping the role of Congress, trampling the Constitution reversing the order of authority and wielding the power of government agencies to deny our rights, control our activity and impose the whims of a dictatorial presidency, have we begun to show concern that freedom can be denied by a tyrannical government in these United States. Like it or not we have lost a significant chunk of our freedom by presidential fiat.

“You can’t do that!”, not an uncommon response to a zealous government employee, once gave pause to the agent while a citizen contemplated his Constitutional options to preserve personal freedom. Today we have a regime in place rather than an administration and America offers no viable options when the arrogant response to a citizen’s objections might well be “I just did”.

In the beginning we cynics who could not bring ourselves to trust Obama or any of his entourage, knew that when Barak wanted to eliminate or deny us a freedom he would speak favorably for it. “I believe in the Second Amendment. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away… But I am not going to take your guns away. So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one because it just ain’t true. It ain’t true.” In 2008 we the people had an obligation to call this candidate out because that lie was the most revealing of all his lies…and there are many, many, many. His entire public persona is a lie. The lie about the Second Amendment told us that the man who was asking for our votes would one day deny us the right to vote. If he couldn’t deny us the vote immediately he would corrupt, dilute and pollute the voting process to the extent that our entire system should be brought into question. Concerning the Second Amendment the pretext is dropped and every device at his disposal has been brought into play to nullify our Right to Bear Arms, including several attempts to put our gun ownership under the aegis of the United Nations; there can be no more egregious aegis on earth.

The First Amendment has been discarded by virtue of a not so subtle attack on Christianity, Judaism and traditional religions in our military and institutions of higher learning while our youngest and most impressionable students are simply not asked to pray or stand for prayer as was our custom. Imams and Muslims are the exception. Did you know that Muslims are exempt from participating in the Affordable (lie) Care (lie) Act because they are forbidden to buy insurance? They didn’t even have to ask. Christians are working their way through our courts to reestablish their basic pro life tenet. Chaplains are being replaced by Imams in the military and universities at an alarming rate.

The FCC made a bold overt attempt to regulate speech in the media but retreated uncharacteristically with the first volley of objection from the objects of their oppression. Here is a lesson in incremental politics in action. The other shoe will drop, more subtly, perhaps imperceptibly but the gauntlet is down and every American should now be on notice. The First Amendment and media are in the cross hairs of this cabal because we have elections looming and there are still one or two members in the media that aren’t towing the autocratic line. Three words may one day replace the entire First Amendment; Silence is Golden.

The Fourth Amendment never stood in the way of government agencies intent on persecuting prior to prosecuting but armed SWAT teams showing up unannounced to break up a dinner party dining on home grown products or to shut down an iconic guitar manufacturer suspected of using exotic wood properly imported but perhaps not to the satisfaction of the EPA shout “I just did” even before the victim has a chance to say “You can’t do that”. Transformation is a bitter pill!

You can take comfort in knowing that any hardships or indignities, loss of revenue or privacy will be well worth it once the transition and fundamental changes are complete. Nancy Pelosi will be the first to tell you you’re gonna like it once you know what’s in it. Obstructionist Republicans will not deter Harry Reid from obstructing common sense or Constitutional procedure. I’m sure Barak will reward their stupidity and treasonous inclinations when he informs the rest of the Democrats that he works alone…as far as they’re concerned.

For some reason, sitting here in my little cubicle, trying to stir emotions and evoke some justified outrage in political activists, I sense many of you squirming in your seats, screwing up your faces impatiently, saying “give me a break. Barak will depart in less than three years and America will swing back to our conservative roots and all will be well with the world”. All I can think to answer is “no”. Not this time. The pendulum we once relied on to swing us back to reality is broken; destroyed… The enemy took it out as a prime target in the early stages of this battle. Statistically the enemy has won because we are as promised, fundamentally changed. We’ve crossed the Rubicon. Our main line of defense has been compromised. A handful of republicans are tilting at windmills while the old guard republicans call them names and ponder ways to appease the enemy and still get reelected. “Can’t we all just get along” is not a rallying cry when the ramparts are overrun and the parapets breached. It should never be if two parties are ideologically opposed.

The regime is so confident in our apathy that their agenda is now heralded as a superior approach to governance. The Obama budget is a testimony to socialism with a tip of the hat to fascism and freedom loving Americans are yawning their way to a lost horizon with no utopia in the offing. How do you maintain discipline in a volunteer army if you show your appreciation for their service by making them pay for our fiscal incompetence? By telling them, as Barak suggested years ago, that they will pick up a larger piece of the tab for their own health care? In a few years our military will be dubbed “rag tag” just as some of our revolutionary soldiers were sometimes referred to when the clothes on their backs were the clothes they wore when they volunteered.

Inane solutions to urgent issues are proffered with no embarrassment. Raise the minimum wage to improve the standard of living, borrow more, spend more and print more makes for a wholesome economy, workers leaving their jobs to pursue the arts or smoke dope is good for the economy, higher fuel prices will benefit clean energy, blankets of snow and freezing weather is a global warming phenomenon, reducing benefits to our heroes and reducing the budget to support our armed forces will make us a leaner better fighting force, and on and on…A few windmill tilters tear at the hands smothering their voices to object but we the people try to see some logic in these insults instead responding with the back of our hand.

I am outraged. My school chums who breathed their last breath on foreign soil so that we could live the American dream might just as well have stayed home and lived long lives. The American dream does not belong to any generation, it belongs to every generation and no one has the right to call it a day…not without a fight…not without leaving it all on the field of honor.

Do we not see that this regime is gutless? Our allies fear the worst and our enemies no longer fear us at all. Why are we, the people who will suffer the consequences or the domination of this regime not ready to reject the loss of freedoms, our fortune and our good name with our lives? It may come to that but it needn’t. We are not cattle. If we choose not to be corralled all the lies and edicts in the universe could not fence us in.

We don’t need to take back America if we don’t let it be taken. Demand that Barak Obama be removed from office and held accountable for his actions. We the people have that power. It is in our voice and our feet and most urgently in our knees. We need to get down on them as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and our forefathers did to implore the Lord’s guidance that our strength not be wasted in banter and idle threats but used in action and deeds to keep what is ours; the Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles for men of good will to achieve their highest potential.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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