My Country Dizzy Me

We conservatives know our own minds and convictions; the hearts and intellect of the founding fathers shaped our character and opinions. We also know what Democrats and liberals want and how they go about achieving their goals and the only role models we can associate with them are communists, Fascists and dictators.

Our icons gave us the American Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense and endless reams of writings on freedom, conservative values, human dignity, limited government and moral certitude. You can’t have one without the other…

I implore Democrats and liberals to examine your consciences and the empirical evidence facing this nation economically, militarily, morally and by any statistical measure of progress

and ask yourselves if any bygone or contemporary political figures who employed the tactics and theories of Left Wing ideologies are the icons that history recalls fondly or attributes successful governing to. Do you prefer the legacies of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler? Is there a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Truman or John Kennedy who extolled the human potential for greatness and furthered the cause of liberty and the pursuit of happiness as man’s natural living right on the Left? Did there exist, in the annals of human history, a Socialist civilization or country that succeeded and prospered for others to emulate?

Barak has said that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are “problematical” documents that have the order of authority reversed. He claims to have taught Constitutional Law (for 10 years) although there is considerable doubt shed on his status with the University of Chicago. So is there a conflict in his ability to teach this subject or did he teach the antithesis to our founding documents? With those beliefs is it possible for a president to take the oath of office honestly? There is not a shadow of doubt cast on his immersion in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”; a detailed handbook on the overthrow of democratic government and his career adherence to that ideology. Believe me if Barak could have found a way to deny his Community Organizer role he would have.

I would like to know what it takes to get Obama’s sycophants and liberal idolizers of an image with no substance, to recognize that the assault on the Constitution and Bill of Rights has no redeeming benefit for any American…not the poor the Left claim to redeem, the middle class they claim will not be affected or the rich they exhort to pay their fair share, hire more workers, pay higher wages and contribute handsomely to Left wing causes and candidates. What will it take to at least get them to admit that an assault is in progress? Do any believe, as certain Europeans did when Hitler ranted his way to power, that their lives will be made more meaningful and fulfilling if Obama’s vision for America is fully realized? Surely a broad enough swath of America’s unemployed who once believed that Barak would deliver the jobs he promised should teach the rest of us that lies are never contained or confined to one segment of society; they affect all of us. In this case a promise to transform America turns out to be more than an idle threat; it bodes the loss of our American way of life for all time. Why did the most transforming law ever enacted, the Affordable (lie) Care (lie) Act have to be passed with subterfuge and introduced with lies? It is not as though we don’t all agree that medicine is a good thing but is it possible we can’t agree that not all medicine is good for every illness? We all agreed that a safety net when needed should be there…We should recognize by now that there is no safety net in this law and it disrupts the lives and medical needs of far more families than it was supposedly intended to help. But I digress.

Democrats, liberals and Americans not participating in government do not know or care what motivates patriots who are feeling the pain and rebelling against the change intended to end America as we know her. They are determined to have political victory and don’t see that victory as the loss of freedom for all Americans. They are indeed cutting off their noses to spite our faces; or vice versa. Either way we all lose when the country is not the first concern of all Americans.

Restore or start over but do not accept total transformation, fundamental change and the indignity that accompanies socialist rule. It never ends there.

Keep God in our country whether you believe or not; because if you don’t believe it will make no difference when you are told to embrace Islam. Refusal or hesitance will result in your death just as though you are a believer; and then you will be.

God bless America,



Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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