Righteous Though I be, Might is Mine as Well

I’m right; the Founders were Right and stop calling us the Right…we are the epicenter; we are Righteous, not the Right. We conservative, faith-filled Americans have not forgotten what our founders bequeathed us and we are definitely not wrong. What they gave us is might; a people’s government.

Those who claim the Constitution is a “living” document are radical Left, illiterate, effete, self serving and wrong. Being or claiming to be liberal is not an excuse for countermanding the brilliant Founders who sacrificed all for our benefit. They gave us a country that rewarded hard work and required hard work…Communists did not pledge their lives, fortunes and good names to found this country; God fearing, highly educated men of means and accomplishment saw the need and filled it. They were conservatives by any modern definition of the word. Some of them were ordained ministers and others came from various walks of life…but they were all righteous men who knew to a man and without a doubt that man can best achieve greatness when left to his own devices. Self determination is God’s gift to man, confirmed in the Constitution and we are most capable of earning our keep. Who are these ideologues with a counter agenda, who reward failure, sacrifice individuality for equal results and find the presence of our Religious icons offensive? Surely they did not win the day when a Constitutional Republic was decided upon. Why do we tolerate their interference with the tenets of our Republic now? If they hold claim to the heritage we share why do they support Islam over Judea Christian doctrine and rely on illegal aliens to swell their ranks?

The Republican party is Right about half the time and that is not good; hence the term RINO came into being. The rest of the time they join or compromise with the Left and that is why they are not righteous and that is why I feel no loyalty to the Party. I have far more respect for the Libertarian Party and there is probably more common ground between us but we respectfully differ on important issues. At least they believe in their ideology and are consistent when expressing their views.

The inconsistent Republican Party is a cannibalistic organization…They not only eat their young they denigrate the Tea Party which, if the Republican Party were truly conservative, should be the spawning ground for their future candidates. Instead the candidates that emerge with Tea Party endorsement find a contentious attitude in the party they try to elevate. It makes one wonder if the Republican Party has a dark side we the people are not privy to. Note I did not say that all Republicans are not Conservative but I can say that the so-called Tea Party is comprised of average American men and women representing the broadest spectrum of the American public possible, who have finally found their voice; and it scares the Hades out of the effete left, other Democrats and the cabal in our midst. That should be ample reason to lock arms with these patriots, the last vestige of our representative free speech.

When we the people finally elect a representative of the people who behaves in the manner we claim to yearn for…grass roots, independent, outspoken, ethical and fiercely patriotic, the Party finds ways to marginalize him or her and the Republican voters, instead of punishing party hacks, remain mum; then they reelect the old guard that practices safe politics. The electorate is not blameless in the chaos and disparity that exists in Washington within the Party structure; we are guilty as charged.

Any opposing figure that captivates the spirit of the people and can clearly enunciate Conservative issues and values is seen as a political threat to the Left and savagely attacked in a most deliberate and consistent manner by everything and everyone on the Left, from comedians, to news anchors, to program hosts, all media, sitting Congressmen, retired politicians, advocates of social programs and sycophants from all stations in left wing political society. Republicans have an aversion to circling the wagons and are slow or unwilling to stand by their colleagues, lest a little dust should attach itself to their non committal pantywaist skirts. Democrats see an attack on one of theirs, no matter how deserving, as an attack on their party, their ideology and their reelection prospects. They are eagerly willing to circle the wagons for rapists, drunks, embezzlers, perverts, cheats and liars and hold them out to be victims of circumstance, victims of false accusation, victims, victims, victims; but innocent and pure as the driven global warming generated snow.

I’m a registered Republican myself but I don’t brag on it. If a third party ever comes along that can win elections and espouses my ideals and political opinions I will be gone from the Grand Old Party as if shot from a canon and I make no bones about it. My political ideals are not so complicated but not consistently held within the Party. We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and a proud heritage. Keep them intact. Compromise is defeatist. The opposing party is the opposition. Oppose them. Teach them and convert them but do not horse trade with rustlers. Have the courage of your convictions…unless you have no convictions; then by God have the decency to find a career that doesn’t require integrity to be productive.

But what am I saying…the horse has left the barn ages ago…Today Republicans like John McCain have the audacity to run for high office as Republicans on the premise that they can reach across the aisle to get things done. The problem with that is they are getting done the business of the left…and we are supposed admire that clever strategy. Compromise is a device for socialists and other demagogues who must use incremental politics to inveigle their way into positions of power because a straight forward presentation of their ideology is roundly rejected. Socialists win when Republicans negotiate because they have an ideological long term agenda and republicans only see as far as the next election. If you need proof of that statement you don’t have a clue as to how the Republic has been compromised and transformed. The proof is that half the country receives some sort of government assistance and some Republican strategists are talking about “fixing” the Affordable Care Act. Outrage over the persecution and discrediting of Christians and Jews at home and abroad is sporadic, half hearted and insincere on the whole. As a nation we support Islam in general, come to the aide of Arabs seeking power, are mute on religious atrocities, abandoned Israel, our strongest ally, to the threats and whims of anti semitic persecutors and have no comment when our Secretary of State puts global warming at the top of our priorities on a par with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction; a slap in the face to Israel and a message of appeasement to her enemies…and of course it is politically incorrect to say so but Iran is as much our enemy as Israel’s…just a greater immediate threat to Israel.

We are a Republic in name only and a democracy not so much. Even certain Republicans, along with “fair minded” democrats, have adopted the warped opinion that our society has become so complex that some socialist programs are necessary to level the playing field for the greater good. That’s right out of the Communist manifesto and it is pure malarkey. The condescending elitists would like us to think that Conservatives are not smart enough to see the big picture, when history has shown the greater good is best served only when people are not deterred from their natural abilities. How shameful is it to rely on the promises and testimony of one man who is totally unprepared and incapable of leadership and keeps his records secret so that the proof of that is not made public? We have defiling our sacred Oval office an Islamic Fascist ideologue who looks up to no one and down on everyone. Our country is practically his country as he satanically keeps the only promise he made sincerely; to fundamentally change and transform this great nation.

That is not my vision and not the vision of any American who loves this country. It is our Constitutional obligation to defend the Republic. The Second Amendment is intended to give us the ability to defend against a tyrannical government because our forefathers knew the day could come when we would be faced with that dilemma. The time has come.

Demand that a president who has no love for our country be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His will keep us in check mine will check his unmitigated gall.

God blessed America. Hold our religious heritage sacrosanct.


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