Revolving Oligarchies

When mammals die flies help the decomposition process. It follows that if the last mammal on earth perishes, whether it be man, animal or bird, flies will still be here. Is it possible then that flies will one day rule the earth?

Socialists believe that they will rule the earth based on the same theory. Since they appear after the work is done to feed on others’ productivity perhaps they have a sense of survival similar to black flies.

In fact flies will never rule the earth because when the warm blooded species are gone their food supply is gone and they will go the way of all parasites with no sites. So does socialism fail when productivity is bled to death to bribe the masses. No wealth to redistribute leaves socialists totally exposed, their promises broken and their usefulness ended. The dependent hordes they created inevitably turn on them demanding their fair share with no sympathy for excuses; a promise is a promise. And the Socialist becomes a dictator rather than cede authority, and the people lose the right to choose along with all of the rights that provide dignity and self determination.

These same hordes at some point had to choose between ideologies; one said I will teach you to fish and you will prosper and feed your families…The other said pull up a chair and eat. If you learn to fish the teacher will exploit you and you will fish for him. Let him fish for you; he will feed your families and I will be your honest broker.

Men of good will and strong faith pledged their lives, fortunes and good names to provide a country for all who are willing to work hard and reap the rewards of what they sow. Many died so that others could live that dream in America. And now an oligarchy is salivating at the possibility of controlling the world’s largest economy.

I am all in favor of Socialists starting a new country and all the people who do not care to work can be their citizens. There is a reason they would prefer to change this nation to suit their ambitions…political ambition. One honest appraisal of the economies around the world that try to survive on wealth redistribution should convince us all that it is a failed ideology. Perhaps it is not so much an ideology as it is a revolving door for successive oligarchy after oligarchy.

The capitalist says I will pay you what you are worth. When you are worth more than I am willing to pay go forth and reach your highest potential. We will both prosper. It follows the precepts of the Old and New Testaments that man is created in God’s image and answerable to G-d’s laws. And the Socialist says that God is a false prophet and government will care for you. He cannot compete with religions that tell people they are self sufficient in nature. And America’s Judea Christian heritage is under attack as never before. Not only are our religions being discredited and persecuted but a substitute religion that teaches hate and reverence to government is favored and extolled.

And it comes down to this; it is about the transfer of great wealth and a religious war is in the forefront. You don’t fight a religious war by turning away from your religion. Only the resurgence of faith in America will be an effective weapon to reject the Muslim Brotherhood and a tyrannical government that follows the precept of deception as a means to an end.

Many of us have strayed from the confines of structured religion only to find later in life that we were empty in that time. America is in a moral and ethical crisis and unless we return to our Judea Christian roots an organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood intends to convert us to their brand of Islam or kill us in the process. There is no salvation in that.

Save America or begin anew but do not deny your faith or the right to self govern. Both are in dire jeopardy. Remove Barak Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization together. It should be obvious by now that they are joined at the hip. We have the power to deny them access. Demand that Barak be removed for cause and his Muslim defectors will go with him.

Americans prayed and God blessed America. Now we must use the power we were given to vanquish the enemies within and gain the renewed respect of the enemies out of our borders. Restore the nation as it was; a functioning constitutional, democratic Republic with liberty and justice for all.



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