Dot’s Not Nice

The trouble with connecting dots to ascertain true motives or quantify solutions is that for most of us old dots fade away with time. They are replaced by new dots so frequently that we lose track of our compilation. Dots are the indignities, illegal acts, edicts and the agenda that cumulatively contribute to transform or misinform us while we wrangle with each dot independently.

Laura Ingraham, an outspoken, conservative patriot and talk show host, today asked her audience to select from five major issues, the one each thought was most important for Americans to address. I wish she had offered six, with the last being the cabal that uses all five issues and more, to transform the country. Morality, unemployment, the economy, international relations and I forget the fifth; spending I think. It matters not. What matters is that we stop the generator of these problems from crowding our agenda with serious problems as distractions on the road to perdition. By the time we learn to play the cards we are dealt we may find ourselves dictated to by an Islamic Fascist government that stacked the deck in the first place.

Remember the controversy surrounding the 12,000 sf mosque slated for construction in Murfreesboro, Tenn.? Murfreesboro has a population of around 100,000 residents. All the avowed Muslims in the state couldn’t fill the mosque on Ramadan. Today the mosque is a reality but our attention is focused on more current horrors, unless you live in Murfreesboro.

We are so inundated with transforming abuse that it seems we have lost our capacity for outrage and the will to rebuke the morbidly stupid or dangerously inept acts of politicians or the politicians themselves. John Kerry doesn’t seem to care that no sane person believes that climate change ranks with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction as a threat to our security. Since he doesn’t believe it either, should we be concerned for his political motives and eagerness to lead us down a primrose path to reduced production, increased taxation and higher prices for commodities? He makes that assertion with a straight face and condescending manner of teacher to unreceptive students, much in the style of his benefactor and role model, Barak Insane Obama.

As the self appointed Chief Dot Connector and Truth Monger at large, here’s a hot dot to connect while the connect is begging. The Environmental Protection Agency, desperately protecting the environment for the good of the country, just issued a new regulation that makes coal a dirty word in America. If you don’t get the sense that an EPA Regulation with this implication is really a presidential mandate you have failed the Dot Connector Associate Midterm exam and are consigned to rely on me to tell you what each dot represents.

Ben Ghazi isn’t going away but we can measure our search for accountability with a micrometer…The IRS is unrepentant, anything but forthcoming and continues to expand its role to intimidate, punish and emasculate perceived enemies of the Obama administration…The most transparent administration in history hasn’t a smidgen of scandal…a lie so outlandish that the mere utterance of that statement is a scandal. Barak sees, hears or speaks no evil; as evil personified is apt to claim.

The Affordable Care Act was never intended to improve the delivery of medical services in America, nor is our health and well being of any import to its authors. It is the single most transforming law ever enacted anywhere, designed to tip the balance in America irreversibly toward Socialism, effect the second largest transfer of wealth next to the creation of the Federal Reserve, confiscate wealth on a mass scale, provide powers to the executive branch and its agencies heretofore unimaginable and provide the impetus for the final transformation of America into an autocracy; the Supreme Court and the Senate went all in when Barak raised the stakes. Connect the dots.

If we don’t face reality we will lose our country before we know someone is in the process of taking it and there are always those who defend the indefensible and enable the invaders.

If we can step back and connect all of Obama’s edicts, willful acts, statements, speeches, appointments, associations, mentors and behaviorisms… for me the obvious cannot be denied. Barak is the representative of a cabal that installed him as president after long preparation and planning. His first election was fraudulent as was the re election and although it is mainly conjecture on my part I don’t arrive at these conclusions without the long held adage that if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and acts like a rat the chances are it is a rat. What it is not…is a duly elected patriotic president of the republic with respect for the office, the oath to enforce laws and the obligation to defend the nation against all enemies. Barak is glaringly deficient in these core elements of the job. Dot, dot, dot.

The fraud that was revealed in recent national elections cannot be viewed as isolated cases. We discovered some fraud; therefore it is pure idiocy to think there was none we did not detect. Barak has arrogantly refused to make public the sources and denominations of campaign contributions just as he continues to withhold his educational and documents commonly provided by all who seek or win the presidency; dot, dot, dot.

When we are willing to admit to and accept responsibility for allowing this cabal to take control we will be ready to take the necessary steps to remove them. Believe me we are still eminently capable of cleaning house when we put our hearts and minds to it.

The last hope of a people to repel tyrannical government is the people’s right to bear arms. It is no coincidence; that while all of the above and countless more indignities and unconstitutional edicts are imposed, the Second Amendment is one of the constants that this administration, fearful of the people with good cause, works feverishly to invalidate. Similar priority and constant attention is paid to undermine our Judea Christian heritage, while actively supporting the elevation of Islam in our military, our schools, universities and communities.

Deny this cabal ultimate victory. Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his anti American campaign. Uphold our right to self govern; restore, rebuild or start over but never give in to transformation. Our Constitution is the finest blue print for civilized existence ever produced. It is worth fighting for and dying for…so that others may live in liberty. That is how we came to be.


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