‘Till the End of time

I saw a faded bumper sticker today…A picture of Barak with the words “I’ve Got His Back” under it. My subconscious answered…”And he’s got your wallet”…

What are the five most misplaced things? 1) Keys. Everyone spends at least 10 hours a year looking for car keys. 2) Eye glasses. It’s almost preordained we will misplace our eyeglasses at least once a day…and find them on our heads twice a week…3) Wallets…Stray from your normal routine of where you empty your pockets at night and you will spend 20 minutes looking for your wallet in the morning. 4) Important phone number…the better you save it the more certain you will not find it when you need it…How many times have you opened an overdue phone conversation with “sorry, I misplaced your number”…Contrary to popular belief it happens to us all and age has little or nothing to do with it…its OK. Last but not least, 5) Loyalty. Misplaced loyalty is the cause of regret, recrimination and restiveness and the only loss that matters in the long run.

Don’t misunderstand. Loyalty can be one of our most treasured attributes but for that very reason we sometimes are loyal to a fault long after the train has left the station. We don’t want to be accused of disloyalty or suffer pangs of guilt if we falter in our loyalty to a friend, loved one or associate but too often we pay a price when that loyalty is not reciprocated, appreciated or respected and we suffer the chagrin of misplaced loyalty.

So let’s state the obvious because that is often where we lose our purpose. There are appropriate degrees of loyalty called for in polite, honorable circles. There are times when choices are thrust upon us and we are forced to choose between two dearly held loyalties. If we choose family over friendship the friend is expected to understand and our integrity remains intact. Loyalty always has its limitations because there is an unspoken reciprocal appreciation required to deserve loyalty; hence loyalty is earned. If we can’t balance that quotient we may end up following when we should be leading; or trusting our destiny to undeserving or poorly considered recipients or misguided ventures.

If we award unwavering loyalty to a politician in a democratic Republic, we are ceding our responsibility to hold our public servants to a gold standard and accountability is likely to be overlooked. That’s why we do not owe loyalty to politicians and loyalty should not be a bonding rite among politicians. They should have term limits and not be in service long enough to earn loyalty; gratitude would be more in keeping for service well done, if that is the case. In America political loyalty must be reserved for the country and politicians should have the exact same priority. Your country deserves unconditional loyalty, exclusive of the

representatives, just as family comes before friendship. God comes before clergy and even the religion you practice, in my view. Do not misplace such a prized commodity or assign it without thoughtful consideration..

In my opinion George W. Bush was guilty of misplacing loyalty and his legacy will suffer the consequences…but not as much as we the people will suffer as a result. Loyalty was perhaps his most endearing quality and his Achilles Heel at once. Democrats gleefully point to his record every time we criticize Obama’s despotic spending and borrowing false imperatives. G.W. will not be afforded any leniency or sympathy for his misplaced loyalty to two renegades, Paulson and Cox, who contrived a Democrat-pleasing prescription for “saving the economy”…a massive Bailout. G.W. blinked. No self respecting Conservative who truly understands a free market economy would ever condone dilution and redistribution as a cure for anything…unless you are looking to “cure” Capitalism…and Cox is retired to a $5 million bungalow and Paulson is husbanding 2.9 billion out of 13 billion end around he engineered for his former and soon to be re-employer.

Goldman Sachs took down 13 in the bailout and mourned the loss of Lehman with crocodile tears awash, skipping and laughing down betrayal trail. Cox and Paulson have not wavered in their loyalty to disloyalty. G.W is still a fiercely loyal kind of guy.

Probably the greatest example of unwavering loyalty in the history of the world is Barak Obama’s loyalty to his personal ideology and the cabal that trusts him to remain so. No measure of American travail or suffering will deter him from his appointed rounds…the total transformation and fundamental change of the nation he was raised to despise.

The greatest example of misplaced loyalty in the history of the world is in the persistence of liberals and sycophants who continue to support the most hideous America bashing figure in American politics.

Be loyal to the Constitution and the United States of America. Reject rule by presidential decree. Demand that Barak be removed for disarming our military, attempting to disarm the people and taking the oath of office under false pretext.

Rebuild or restart or be resigned to the new order…rule by fiat.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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