How Deep My Devotion?

Are we able to peel back the film that clouds our vision and our reason? We are told so many things that are inane, nonsensical and illogical but still dictate our behavior that we should conclude that a certain amount of indoctrination affects us all. All our detractors and opposers needed to do was to establish as fact that political correctness matters. The first inane, nonsensical and illogical directive is that most of these behavioral admonitions apply only to Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians etc; in other words everyone except the Alinskyan, effete left wing indoctrinators and sycophants.

We have lost our will to draw conclusions. We have to check our reflexes at the door lest we offend an offensive person or take offense when we are indeed offended.

Somehow it is unfair to profile when the only way we have of recognizing strangers is to have an image of who we want in our minds. Police are taught to profile and then told not to; it offends innocent people who look like criminals. Inane? Nonsensical and illogical?

To borrow a book we need picture ID, to board a plane or enter an office building, cash a check or enter a gated community we need picture ID’s but it is offensive and unfairly burdensome to ask for ID at the Polls just because a voter doesn’t speak English and looks like a foreigner; oops! I profiled, ask any Democrat.

Barak and his minions all agree that the country needs “comprehensive” immigration “reform” but not border control; not even border patrol. In Donkey talk comprehensive means deregulate but we are told it means improving our management of immigration. Is it illogical to suspend the law of the land for countless millions who knowingly and with knowledge and forethought broke our laws to participate in our give away program? Is it sensible to let our borders remain porous while we decide how to deal with illegal entrants?

Comprehensive can mean anything the Left wants it to mean but we the indoctrinated are to take it to mean intelligent, coherent and fair.

The president who told us he favors the Second Amendment is also in favor of comprehensive gun control measures to end mass murder and then supports laws that only disarm law abiding citizens. The professor who taught Constitutional Law thinks “shall not be infringed” was a typo when quills painstakingly recorded the Founders’ intentions and typos wouldn’t be a factor for another century. It is politically incorrect to conclude or assume that a government that seeks to disarm the electorate has reason to fear them. Is it politically incorrect for the electorate to fear the government? or just not to admit it?

A constitutional professor disparages then contramands the Constitution and we are told it is commonplace for presidents to exceed their limited powers. Is it common place for the other two branches to concede? If that isn’t inane George Washington wanted to be King.

Lies to pass a law, lies to gain acceptance after it is passed and lies to keep it from being repealed followed by lies about the lies gave us a law that will stand the test of time but will not be enforced until the perpetrators leave the scene of the crime. That is unless you count the taxes, loss of jobs, loss of coverage and loss of dignity, loss of freedom and more taxes as Health Care. And it is mean spirited and prejudiced to speak out against Obama Care. Inane, nonsensical and illogical but true.

It is disrespectful to the office of the presidency to say the president disrespects the office. It is radical and confrontational to conclude that all of the above and much more, too lengthy to list, constitute betrayal of the country, despite the fact that we were told the primary objective of this president is to totally transform and fundamentally change the nation. Who told us? Barak himself but it is disrespectful to say so.

It is our God given natural inclination to observe and conclude. It is our Constitutional obligation to observe and reach conclusions, demand accountability and take reciprocal action when the republic is threatened, whether the threat comes from within our government or from outside our borders. We seem to be hesitant or reluctant to take any of these self preserving measures; inane, nonsensical and illogical as it may be.

Speak out, pray and be armed to acknowledge the conclusion we are charged to reject. Tyranny is the suppression of free speech, religion and the right to bear arms and it goes downhill from there rapidly.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Demand that he and his militia be disarmed not me and the standing army, navy and marines. Restore the Republic or start over but do not sit still while we are transformed.

How deep our devotion?

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