How to Win Friends and Influence People

The reason Socialism manages to remain viable is that it is embraced by people who do not participate or compete well in society and vote for their narrow self interest to satisfy what they believe is a short term remedy to economic strife. It never is. Once they are hooked it often becomes generational and a permanent drain on productivity. Worse, once they find a sympathetic government their demands inevitably increase until it is more profitable to remain dependant than to create independence.

We are gagging on the stench that emanates from the ideology imposed on us in the transition from a free market economy to a socialistic wealth redistributive society. Socialism is seldom introduced by socialists; it is a tool employed by more sinister operatives. Fascists, communists, dictators and others of that ilk gain access incrementally and never forthrightly unless an outright coup is in the offing; even then, did Fidel Castro tell the Cubans what was in store? The camel’s nose is enormous, contrary to popular opinion and has been ruminating under our tent for over a century, adding government programs by compromise and compromising politicians, regardless of who is in the majority. As a republic no departure from self determination or free markets is acceptable and if not unconstitutional certainly contrary to our core ideology. Once politicians learned they could extend their careers and fatten their wallets by concession and the concept of interpretation was introduced to Constitutional law Conservatism was put on the defensive and the erosion of self government and self determination began in earnest. In other words we were betrayed.

The evidence that socialism bankrupts cities, states and nations is overwhelming just as the evidence that free markets create stability and generate wealth cannot be disputed. But if our goal is to reinstate free markets I wonder if any politician or latter day capitalist realizes how high that hurdle is. Capitalism wasn’t just discredited in America; the playing field has been booby trapped and regulated beyond recognition to make it nearly impossible for entrepreneurs to navigate. The agency that made shared risk too risky and unrewarding is still keeping the lid on free markets and IPO’s, yet remains beyond suspicion. If a Republican Congress, Senate and Executive Branch united to reinstate Capitalism it would take more than two terms and they would no doubt rely on the Securities and Exchange Commission for guidance and expertise. It would be like asking an Imam to baptize Christians.

Assuming a bolt of lightning instills sanity and enlightenment in politicians for the first time in human history, the S.E.C would have to be eliminated. Glass Steagall would have to be reinstated, Sarbanes Oxley killed, the DTCC broken up, transfer agents retrained, settlements regulated, Dodd Frank dismembered and countless other measures needed to create an infrastructure that encourages investment, responsibility and accountability would have to be designed and installed. It would take years and years and unending debate. Why? Because just as most of the electorate couldn’t tell you what all these names and initials represent neither could the majority in Congress.

How do you eliminate the Federal Reserve? Even some Republicans would argue that it has a legitimate place in our economy but not one of the forefathers would agree. You cannot begin to recreate a functioning Republic as long as the Federal Reserve controls the monetary system.

Here’s the rub. The concept of free enterprise and self determination originates with our Judea Christian doctrine. Unless we re instill moral and ethical values with the firm understanding of our heritage, reteaching the principles of a free market economy will be like eating soup with a fork or serving it in a colander. Our forefathers gave us a package deal. The self governed must have high ethical standards and moral convictions or they cannot possibly hold their representatives to the required level of accountability. You have to be one to know one as the saying goes.

I have little faith in our ability to rise to the occasion, given our demographics and state of our republic, but I have boundless faith in Americans when we have a proper leader. If we are properly prepared and organized the vision our founders had for us will succeed; it may, however, require that we begin anew.

We begin by cleaning house. Learn who your representatives and public servants are serving and act accordingly. Career politicians must be terminated. Obama must go and his entourage sent packing. The Muslim Brotherhood must be exposed and removed as a threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization. If we resolve to do these things there is yet hope for a government of the people. If we survive as a moral and ethical society the rest of the country’s problems will be addressed as a matter of course.



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