Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

You can’t say the War on Poverty hasn’t worked. If you want to be politically incorrect you can say that it has increased poverty and dependency and created an entitlement society, ready, willing and able to live off the productivity of others…happily. You would also be accurately correct. The so-called War on Poverty has produced generations of Americans who bite the hand that feeds them and in place of gratitude for assistance learned resentment toward their successful benefactors; we make them feel inadequate I suppose. Many Americans today are victims of a diminished economy and accept government assistance reluctantly where employment is unavailable. I do not include them with the millions who access assistance programs in lieu of gainful employment, as a way of life.

 How do I measure success? By the only logical measure that doesn’t deceive us. Fifty years ago Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson, political animal sine qua non, declared war on poverty and created one of the greatest political ploys in the annals of politics. It is the gift that keeps on giving to politicians who are willing to crank up the empathy for the downtrodden, among elitist liberals who believe that people in need are also disadvantaged and incapable of self determination. By the measure of whether this faux war of ideological convenience has accomplished the goal it was intended for it is the most successful war in American history. It gets Democrats elected and puts Republicans back on their heels when they analyze the results logically. It hasn’t worked, can’t work and effectiveness was never a consideration and the voting masses don’t want to hear that inconvenient truth. Too few Republicans own the convictions they espouse and don’t have the integrity to stick to the conservative values that contradict the liberal lie that entitlement programs raise people out of poverty, improve the economy and demonstrate the nobility of liberal kindness.
I’m not sure if Lyndon B. was a genius or just the beneficiary of wildfire. In any case he caught lightning in a jar and passed it down to generations of liberal politicians and to our everlasting regret, socialists. The unending war on poverty has been an indispensable lever used by liberals to characterize republicans as mean, selfish and greedy and in the process sell this country down the river, making it ripe for the picking by any Communist, Fascist or Autocrat to transform our Republic into an oligarchy. Generational dependency is the key.
The arguments to extend unemployment payments three more months, although specious in nature, gain favor for the proponents and strike fear in the hearts of Republicans who preach against these expenditures but see political suicide in refusing to cooperate. Integrity; just an old fashioned notion never found when you need it most; at least not in politics.
A centipede with a broken leg will likely suffer until it heals of its own accord. A centipede with 99 broken legs will likely suffer because of the enormity of the problem and never get proper help. America does not have one problem; we may be lucky to find one asset that is not problematical. Social programs probably represent 60 critical areas out of 100 that are responsible for the unmanageable burden of debt and expenditures America faces. The fact that we will not accept a proper diagnosis will prevent us from achieving the perfection we crave. Only Capitalism has the track record to provide the productivity to handle our enormous liabilities. By discrediting and immobilizing capitalism autocrats assure themselves a seat of power and power over the people they keep impoverished.
No Conservative believes that society should not have a safety net for those who cannot fend for themselves legitimately. The question is; can Conservatives ever overcome the political obstacles that prevent the electorate from accepting proper help for their economic well being? Self determination is the moral and practical, proven and Constitutional path to economic independence. It is the protocol that can heal 100 broken legs on 100 centipedes; all of the ills America has accumulated over centuries of neglect. Capitalism is the foundation of self determination and provides the employment that brings not only financial security but the self esteem that socialism robs from its victims.
Barak is determined to control America’s liquidity to assure the transformation he promised. That entails the end of the constitutional Republic and the beginning of a dark age of dependency and government that will not keep the promises it made to create that dependency.
The way back is not easy but the trek of a thousand miles begins with the first step. For us that first step is clear and unambiguous. We must go back to the fundamentals that made us great; our Judea Christian heritage, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the indomitable spirit to take that first step. Remove Barak obama by any and every means available to us. He is a fraud and represents all that ails us.
Guido —
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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