Merry Christmas to All Americans and Citizens of the World

We fought the Revolution not to have the government we’re getting now. After we defeated the British a Republic was ordained and we were warned that it would not endure unless we understood the ground rules. We didn’t get it and ceded our authority to 540 perennially elected professional politicians; exactly what we were told not to do. So we lasted around the average span of time most Republics exist, since it seems to take around 200 years for these leeches to forgo the rule of law and flaunt redistribution and take with a capital T until it hurts…(us).

Given a choice I would prefer British rule to the Islamic Fascist rule we are hurtling toward. The king merely wanted to tax us and expand his footprint; this cabal wants to tax, confiscate and control our religious convictions, moral principles and achievement quotient in order to establish a new authoritarian regime where we enjoyed a Constitutional Republic. Obama gives every indication that he favors Islamic Fascism; a political ideology that uses religion to achieve its demonic political ends.

The king of England sent troops to disarm the colonies after he got wind of the rebellious aspirations of the colonists. An aspiring dictator goes for the guns first. It has been Obama’s least successful but most sought and consistent endeavor since he came to power. His brand of government gives rise to fear of the people he seeks to dominate. Our guns may be the only thing that stands between us a tyranny. He must diminish the influence and presence of religion and religious icons if he intends to use liberal philosophy to entice the population toward his political agenda. These are the ABC’s of transformation. He must control the nation’s liquidity and discourage the formation of businesses that encourage self determination. Anything that promotes Christianity and encourages conservative values must be derailed. The Duck Dynasty proves that wholesome family values and Christian life styles are not welcome examples of conservative ethics trumping liberal agnosticism. I will not be convinced that government interference did not play a role in forcing the network to change the religious tone of the show that upholds conservative values. Not even the left leaning management of the A&E Network would voluntarily kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Barak is in full

In Russia Christians and Jews were persecuted and murdered when Lenin and Marx put their stamp of Communism on the country. Hitler is famous for persecuting and doing his darnedest to annihilate all Jews. Christians were intimidated and subjugated in the process. Barak must concentrate on Christianity but he knows full well that his colleagues, the Muslim Brotherhood, will do Hitler’s evil work when the time comes and all infidels will become fair game in the process.

So far Barak dictates the battles we fight. As each freedom comes under attack we object vociferously and demand that our laws prevail. Today it is the First Amendment. The Second Amendment comes under fire with every shot fired insanely; the Fourth and Fifth must be defended on cue and so on. Why are we not prepared to defend the entire Bill of Rights no matter which is the soup of the day to this regime? An assault on any of our rights is a threat to all of our rights.

I am taking an old fashioned approach to this Christmas. I wish everyone within range and beyond a very Merry Christmas. If you have an objection to my wishing you Joy when I am joyful or Merriment when I am merry I pity you. I do not ask that you believe as I do or worship as I do; only that you respect my right to worship as I see fit, when I see fit and wherever I see fit. You may do the same…or not.

I encourage all Americans to worship publicly and often and let the world know that we Americans are not preaching tolerance. We are preaching liberty. We will cling to our guns and our religions until oppressive government relinquishes its grip on our heritage.

Merry Christmas America.



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