The Image in the Mirror is a Lie

So far the only effects the Affordable Care Act have had are the ones we predicted. If the Bill was passed to enable the regime to accrue draconian control over our economy and to render the Republic obsolete and ineffective, the Left has achieved an historic victory.

If you believe that Barak is reeling from the failure of the ACA to provide Health Insurance for anyone in America, reel in your emotions. Barak is doing just fine. His only concern at the moment is whether we will continue to accept the impositions without outright rebellion until the transformation is complete. The worst is yet to come. At the risk of being redundant to the extreme let me repeat once more: The Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with Health Insurance or Health Care. The media watch-puppies can stop counting enrollees and disenfranchised formerly insured and start counting the freedoms we gave up without a fight, the blow to the economy we saw coming but forgot to duck and the unprecedented power now wielded by the Executive Branch. As a matter of fact we can stop calling it the Executive Branch as if we still had two other branches of government…they exist in name only. It is the Trojan Horse that spills an endless supply of taxes, confiscatory policies, anti Christian requirements, Constitution defying edicts, Fascist enforcement tactics, etc., behind enemy lines. Believe it. We are the enemy and when the enemy is cornered and coerced to accept whatever the victor dictates it is time for celebration. Barak is a happy camper though growing more concerned with time as Obamacare continues to extract punishment and penalties but somehow has not made a dent in providing Health Care.

Transformation is painful, especially when the country is morphing from greatness to weakness. It is more difficult to halt when the weakest in our society continue to expect greatness from the transfer of wealth. It is difficult to halt when the casualties of transformation lose the will to fight. Demoralization is part and parcel of transformation but it affects one segment of the population at a time. The next victims will be the elderly as Medicare is cannibalized to pay the massive overhead to impose Obamacare.

Let me not belabor the point. Until a new constitution is written and the original officially submitted to the trash heap of history we are a Constitutional Republic; a nation entrusted with self government and privileged to seek achievement without fear of failure. It is within our power to remove Barak aka Barry, Obama, aka Soetero, for the good of the country and the preservation of our heritage. If we fail to act we have no one to blame but ourselves and rest assured our future generations will blame us as well.

Remove his guns not mine. His will submit us, mine will hold him at bay.

God bless Americans.



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