Are You Finally Offended?

12 18 13 Folks,

Merry Christmas. Most of us who celebrate the birth of Christ will do so unconcerned and unaware of any movement to diminish the value of faith or cast aspersions on Christianity. Would that we were aware. Most of us suspect that the regime in power has an agenda to elevate Islam in our culture; some of us are certain. I am not prone to political correctness so I refuse to be made a fool of; I am talking about the Islam that actively supports terrorism worldwide. If you are not part of that sect join me in condemning the Muslim Brotherhood and any others who engage in or condone Jihad, or forever hold your peace.

Hold your peace while I castigate those who would convert or murder all non Muslims and are pledged to murder all Jews and destroy Israel. Hold your peace while I call for full scale opposition in kind to remove the Muslim threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization. Hold your peace while I wish all who live to see me and my loved ones enslaved, double what they wish us. The problem is that you hold your peace all to well. Those among you who come forward are considered heroic and selfless and can be counted without the aid of an abacus. It would be less heroic and more effective if all peace loving Muslims spoke out as one voice to denounce their faith hijacked.

Christmas is a season of peace and joy and as the day approaches we Christians are taught to focus our thoughts and our hearts on the spiritual message of good will to all men. Is it then incongruous to pray for justice and to mete out justice in our time on earth? I think not. Justice is not revenge. When justice is served good will to all men is achieved. I harbor no ill will toward any individual but I hold with the Old Testament’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Sadly and to our everlasting shame we have lost count of the eyes gouged, teeth yanked and turned cheeks slapped for decades and our response is long awaited.

Many of my thoughts this Christmas will be with Israel and for Jews faced with the shameful reality of world tolerance for the most intolerant of our species; the Muslim Brotherhood and other Arab nations. No greater cause than to oppose with our last ounce of strength and humanity the possibility of a new attempt at extermination of an entire race. The mere mention of an atrocity of this capacity should be met by men of good will with immediate censure and condemnation, if not force. To celebrate Christmas oblivious to the evil that is the antithesis of goodness is hypocritical and beneath the dignity and purpose of religion.

How much of our civilization are we prepared to sacrifice by our silence and indifference? It is an all or none situation. We are either civilized or we are not and the choice has consequences. Ignore this threat against Israel and our humanity is compromised beyond our ability to reconcile our existence with our choices. Ignore the threat to our Republic and this administration is prepared to usher this nation into a new and terrible dark age. In an Islamic Fascist world where success is punished and mediocrity rewarded, only one religion will be recognized and the exercise of any other religious ceremonies could cost you your freedom and even your life.

We must end the denial. Obama has told us explicitly that he sides with Islam. He has betrayed Israel and given rise to unprecedented Muslim influence in the Middle East and here. His policies are destructive to our economy, our moral convictions and our military. When do we end the charade and demand that Barak be removed, held accountable and punished?

This Christmas is a good time to pray that the message and gift we received in the birth of Christ is finally heard. We are our brothers’ keeper.

God bless Americans.


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