The End of the Line

The “Merry” in Merry Christmas is universal. We do wish everyone merriment during our celebration of the birth of Christ from which we Christians derive great joy to share unselfishly with all people.

Rejoice; our government has proudly presented us with a budget. Neatly wrapped and tied with a bow it is a Christmas-Hanukkah, agnostic, atheist, heathen, one size fits all democrat tour de force. As usual with all democrat largesses the bill is forwarded to our heirs. The Republican Party, if not every Republican, is complicit in the crime against the Republic and continuing to tax and spend is a crime of the highest order. Cowardice or ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse for the continuous policy of cede for the sake of peace and live to fight another day. That day is upon us. Neither party in power has the will to face facts and fix the problems or die trying. We cannot afford weak kneed politicians that do not see e trees for the forest. America’s days are numbered. The Republicans claim political impotence; the Democrats claim superior strategy and a new era in American politics. We are victims of ideology, ignorance and ineptitude. This regime, Barak at the head is determined to deny our heritage and steal our future. Their vision for America is in total opposition to everything we stood for, stand for and were born to.

If Democrats voted to elect the Republican speaker Boehner would win unanimously. I’m sure they would appoint him opposition party leader for life if they could. This Congress will not, under any circumstances, grow testicular fortitude in time to save the Republic or any time thereafter. The budget is the latest evidence that neither party puts America before their personal ambitions. It’s a holiday turkey not of the avian realm. What Congress has done once more is to ignore the purpose for a budget; to prioritize expenditures of available funds. Our government goes about this process bass-ackwards. First they enumerate their priorities, agree to their necessity and then apply all our available capital to satisfy the list. When our money is exhausted they borrow the difference. Recall them all. Christmas dinner in Washington is when Republicans eat their young. Imagine the audacity of Tea Partyers telling their elders to stop the parade, end the spending, pay our debts and balance the budget all in one idiotic breath? What’s wrong with crash and burn? The new money we print will be cheaper to burn than Yule logs and Barak may decide it is the next alternate fuel while he destroys our economy.

When the nation faces challenges of such diversity and magnitude that we don’t know what to attack first: When a president writes law off the cuff and we are bracing for an era of unaffordable, virtually nonexistent health care; when our individual religious rights are trampled and our religious heritage denied; when the Bill of Rights is held to ridicule by a regime that is determined to take our guns from us while they mine our future with confiscation and taxation on a scale only witnessed before massive revolutions, we are too timid to halt government spending. We are still dallying with the symptoms and side effects when the impetus behind our travail is the transformation of the Constitutional Republic. How on earth do we change trains if we don’t stop the one we are on? Why are we so fearful of a government shut down when government in operational mode is determined to destroy our way of life?

There will never be a perfect time to take control of our destiny. It is a painful and treacherous process with no known factors. But that is where our destiny lies if we choose to remain free. If we choose freedom we also choose the uncertainty of the battle ahead. That battle starts with the removal of Barak Obama and the denunciation of the Muslim Brotherhood wherever they are. Remove Barak and hold him accountable. This is our country and we are obliged to fight for it no matter the consequences. Tell that to Congress. Tell Congress to shut down the government and stop the carnage. Give us a budget based in reality but first give us back our country.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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