Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

No that’s not us. That’s a romantic expression of consternation. It was a song title from the ’40’s. There is nothing romantic about the state of affairs we find ourselves in; at least those of us sensitive to the process that is costing us our liberty find ourselves in. When will the rest of America connect all the dots and respond to the Obama steam roller with ultimate rejection? When we are faced with disease, disaster and death?

The Obama regime is deep into phase two or three of our transformation and the ACA is the pivotal piece of legislation that forever changes the nature and character of this nation. Health Care? Don’t make me laugh. As the facts contained in the legislation become evident the regime understands the need to defend their untenable position but they are also prepared to tell us to shut up and take our medicine; Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel did exactly that. This Bill gives the government powers untofore unimaginable in America and to exercise it with the least resistance Americans must be pummeled, impoverished and rendered toothless. (They’re still coming for our guns). The architect of Obama care had the arrogance to tell us to our faces what no one dared tell us a month ago, Barak didn’t lie. We can keep the doctor or the plan we want, we just have to be able and willing to pay for it.

While we are digesting that arsenic laced cocktail another shoe dropped. The serious prescription meds many rely on for life extension or the quality of life come ala carte; pay as you go, it’s extra. So a health care bill that the majority of Americans didn’t want, that was passed with political chicanery and bare faced, unabashed arm twisting in the middle of the night is beginning to look like the nightmare it is meant to be. As recommended we didn’t read it. We also wouldn’t listen to those who were hysterically waving red flags to tell us the Bill was a poison pill, modern Trojan Horse; Sarah P. and little old me.

This regime is now willing to go to the wall for a deal most Americans, Congress and half the world know is frighteningly bad policy. Again we are being told to accept what we know is a belly ache and migraine rolled into one because Barak knows what is best for us. France has condemned the deal and Israel abandoned political correctness to tell the world that the nuclear deal, negotiated in secret between our liar, Kerry and the Iranian liar, Rouhani, to the detriment of Middle East stability and Israel’s very existence, stinks to high heaven. Kerry told The Senate to ignore Israel’s paranoia. That goes beyond arrogance and political correctness gone haywire, it is an insult and threat to our one faithful ally. Jews have once again become the blue chicken in the barn yard, sure to be the victim of all the chickens who see blue as dangerous and threatening.

Not as if to tell us but to let us know without reservation that Barak’s world view differs from the world and ours, the faux president who bowed to Middle East potentates and today shook hands with the communist non-grata presidente from 90 miles off our coast and kissed his Senora on the cheek is beginning to expand his arrogance exponentially. (Bewitched, bothered and betrayed.)

As our media moguls are awakened with polluted eye wash “revelations” of the biblical kind are forcing them to admit (reluctantly), one depressing fact at a time, the God awful truth of what has befallen us. As one shoe is dropped and then another it seems that the unshod dictator is an octopus. More shoes will drop ominously and we will slowly come to realize that our Republic is, for all intents and purposes, a Marxist Democracy. Today more talking heads were appalled to learn that most Americans will be paying higher premiums…much higher, for insurance policies that pay off at night, in the sky, in leap year in China; unless you failed to pay your premium, subjecting you to poverty-inducing fines.

Here comes another shoe but don’t duck. A direct hit that causes amnesia will be most welcome when it is finally disclosed that co-payments are astronomical and failure to pay means you forfeit the insurance but not the fine that will be levied for not having the insurance in the second place. Got it? How do you spell confiscation? How do you reconcile a shrinking middle class, unable to provide for bare essentials, with the new order? Easy; the New Order takes, it does not give.

This is the transformation Obama threatened would be our lot. It is fundamental. The Republic in name only has not functioned as a Constitutional Republic efficiently for decades. It has not functioned because it cannot coexist with any government form that starts with socialism and ends with another ism; Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism. If we don’t rebel and expel this cabal now our future will include Islam as a hyphenated addendum to Fascism or Marxism. (They are coming for our religion too.) We don’t get to pick…we lost that privilege when we allowed the cabal to impose its will on our time honored American Republic, treading on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, practically unopposed.

Is it too late now you ask? It is never too late my friends but every day the monster sets its teeth deeper into our carcass it gets more difficult to pry him loose. Before long our heirs will have to make the choice or their children’s children will, between oppressive government and liberty. That was the hard choice our founders had to make and they did so unselfishly for future generations; us. We can choose liberty now for ourselves and future generations or allow the prophesy of a 240 year life expectancy to come to pass for this Republic.

What say you? Demand that Barak Hinsane Obama, aka Barry Soetero, be removed and held accountable. With him will go the hopes and ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood and America will have a second chance.

God bless Americans; may we find the resolve to restore this nation as it was intended; a democratic, Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles, designed to prosper and give men of good will the opportunity to self govern, worship freely and b the masters of their own destiny.

In Liberty,



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