Giants Walk the Earth

In Africa’s darkest moment along came a giant of a man to lead his people out of the darkness. Nelson Mandela was more than an icon. He is to South Africa what George Washington is to America. He came to show the way. He eschewed personal power and led by example; and what an example he set. This man could have been a king, but chose to establish a democracy and encourage capitalism to allow his people the freedom to achieve their highest potential. True to new found conservative values he would serve the people and turn the mantle of power to the next democratically elected president. He ended apartheid and in the process his light shone brighter and served as a beacon to the entire world that indeed he and his people can and would compete on a level playing field. He set the bar at the highest level for human dignity, integrity and generosity attainable by mere mortals.

Few men of his character and stature will pass our way but his life is a testament to our potential for greatness. We should draw from his life the hope that when greatness is most needed the Lord sends us that special person uniquely suited to lift us when we are lost. Though some of his lessons have faded from public life, his legacy will live on and the ember of freedom and inspiration he leaves will burn until another brings it to life. For centuries to come when men of good will rekindle the torch of liberty it will be Nelson Mandela whose example and inspiration lives on. Extraordinary men like Nelson Mandela do not die. They pass this way to inspire, teach and improve those they touch. He won equality for millions of people but his spirit will remain unequalled in our life time.

We Americans have a unique opportunity to begin our restoration in earnest with the passing of this giant. Barak had the audacity to tell us that Nelson Mandela was his inspiration. It is akin to blasphemy. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by his enemies and left to rot in jail for 27 years. He emerged probably stronger than when he went in, forgave his enemies, spread the power of love and brought polarized enemies together in peace. He took a strife torn, corrupt, bloodied nation, brought integrity and honesty into the political arena and healed a nation. If Barak is not the exact opposite of all that Mr. Mandela stood for and demonstrated then the world is devoid of contrast or turmoil.

Barak will use the world stage of a grieving humanity to try to revive his own failed identity. Nelson Mandela is a larger than life, heroic figure because he ultimately believed in the individual not the state. For Nelson Mandela’s life lesson to help us we must recognize the extreme contrast between these two men and reject the man who would transform the greatest nation in the world and bring about fundamental change to a nation that is fundamentally perfect if not in reality.

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. You have served the Lord and your country and the world is a better place for your having passed our way. God bless.



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