What Price Religion

Politics and religion are not recommended subjects for casual conversation, especially if the intention is to keep the tone politically correct.

Our forefathers understood the power of religion and some of them were in fact ordained ministers. It was their intention and informed opinions that in a free society religion should remain a personal choice, even to the extent that some may choose agnosticism or atheism. In drafting the Bill of Rights they were careful and purposeful to make clear from the onset that government shall not influence the religiosity of the electorate. The language of the First Amendment is unambiguous, succinct and powerful. Concerning religion they needed no more than one sentence; or part of one as it turned out.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That’s the whole of it. The “separation of church and state” phrase everyone throws around with authority is not there. It doesn’t say we are a Christian nation, Hebrew, protestant or Buddhist.; it doesn’t care. We were to be self governed; ergo, what we do not authorize government to do it has no grounds to weigh in on.

So how come the discussion never ends and we feel obliged to consult the highest court in the land repeatedly for interpretation of the most plainspoken one liner in our entire body of law? How come when the smartest people in the room retire to their chambers to give us their considered legal opinion it is never unanimous? It suspiciously seems that we keep going back for interpretations until we get the answer we want. Do 12 Jurists, selected by the Executive Branch and confirmed by the Legislature and deemed to be most qualified, capable and competent, go to different schools or schools so different, that each interprets the English words as if they are written in Sanskrit or some lost tongue requiring scholars of philology to interpret? Is it possible that our supreme Supreme court judges are less than supreme?

The Second Amendment, without which the other Rights are subject to the whim of rogue administrations, contains the admonition “shall not be infringed”. It can’t be more clear yet we have countless laws on the books that do just that; infringe. Perhaps the Founders would have been well advised to add the phrase “do not bend, fold and mutilate” to the First Amendment or “hands off under penalty of Marxism.”

Lifetime appointments to ideological hacks serve those who see the Constitution as a “living document”. The “living document” concept is what gives these highly inflated egos and overbearing elitists the license to interpret and reinterpret the blueprint for liberty until our liberty is no more. They do a disservice to the people and the nation across the board. It is the Supreme Court that should be raising a red flag when a president takes unto himself what is constitutionally the responsibility of Congress and the Judiciary. Barak is guilty of that and more; from the onset and now with wild abandonment he flagrantly funds, amends laws by edict and circumvents as he predicted he would. The Congress of the United States is surrounded and without provisions. Checks and balances are out the window and the Judiciary, the Senate and the media are complicit.

The configuration on the court today will likely be further imbalanced in the next 3 years. If Republicans should take back the House they will still be impotent when the ideologue in the White House has veto power and the Supreme Court as his weapons of choice. It’s like a massive chess set being played on the national scene and the only move left is check.

Barak will defend the Health Care Bill to the death. He admits it is broken, lies about it’s negative performance, lies about being open to suggestions to fix or improve it and insists it will not be undone as long as he is president; (no matter who gets hurt in the process.) When he moves away from center stage he will get a hearty well done and Allah Akbar from his cabalsociates; America will have been unalterably transformed and fundamentally changed. We will be on our way to making another of Barak’s falsehoods come true; we will have one of the most hospitable and accepting nations to Muslims in the once-free world. The cost of the unworkable web site alone could have been deposited in a sinking fund and would provide ample, first class health care for all of the people he claims to be concerned about and then some. Instead our heirs face the prospect of comparing our government run programs with England’s and Canada’s, wondering how a nation so rich could not have provided better for her subjects. Barak Hinsane Obama doesn’t give a rat’s petunia about health care. This boondoggle forces Christians to accept by force the prospect of providing abortion services and without even the stroke of a pen exempted Muslims for their aversion to insurance. With this Bill taxation and confiscation will decimate what is left of the middle class.

It has given him what he craved; massive control of the population and our economy with life and death decisions in the hands of sympathetic bureaucrats…sympathetic to Barak’s legacy. He will have his private militia and hidden taxes will become a painful reality.

His assault on Christianity via the First Amendment, his relentless creative efforts to kill the Second Amendment, the commitments to keep our troops over deployed and under provided, irresponsible fiscal policies, pandering to Sharia compliant Muslim nations and on and on is the path to Islamic Marxism that will inevitably spark civil, religious and ideological war. Our nation was founded by men of God who relied on Judea Christian principles to draft the Constitution. It is contrary to everything Obama is bringing to pass. Obamacare, the tipping point of Socialism in America, was never intended to provide health care. The whole thing is a false promise. It challenges Catholic dogma on the right to life but ignores protestations and fights law suits vigorously while the Muslim exemption based on their religious aversion to insurance was granted without so much as a whimper.

Dictatorships fear religion and guns. Barak’s Achilles heal lies in that truism. He has taken the largest Marxist bite into our Republic possible. It is our responsibility as citizens to see that he chokes on it. Waken, open your eyes and recoil in horror. No more time for Barak; stop his train. Demand that he be removed for cause and held accountable.

The Republic, battered, torn and besieged still stands. Cling with all our might to our guns and religion. This is America’s greatest challenge. Meet this challenge head on; remove Barak, defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and restore the Republic. Do this now and our greatest days may well be ahead of us.

God bless America.


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