Americolor; One Race

I’m not a psychiatrist or sociologist; I don’t have a PhD or Dr behind my name; I have a J-r and it stands for Junior. I learned my social skills and respect for my fellow man from my parents and prejudices weren’t inculcated and fine tuned in a socialist indoctrination factory, otherwise known as a university. I learned respect for my fellow man at home and from the bible. All men are created equal and do unto others and an idle mind is the devil’s workshops are universal, fundamental life lessons. Only the Quran preaches hate as a religious tenet. The Liberals’ war on poverty disadvantages strong family units and discourages self reliance, making a mockery of our long honored proverbs. We not only failed to put a dent in poverty, we managed to disrupt the family unit and diminish self esteem and ambition. To be sure that enough people are dissuaded from earning their way liberals even changed the financial definition of poverty…upward. You can’t legislate equality and redistributing money doesn’t bring equality. Equality is earned from self esteem.

It is time for Americans to come together and not let liberals continue to impose their degenerative social programs on this country. They are time tested to destroy personal responsibility and diminish productivity. The result is that someone has to pay for liberals’ mistakes and wrong-headed political decisions. Society ends up paying the price but we always fail to end the original cause… The housing bubble is just one more example. Liberal Democrats insisted on providing mortgages to woefully unqualified buyers and then blamed the banks’ greed for the millions of people who lost their homes and suffered the most in the ensuing housing crash. Now we have the knockout game which is anything but a game and it is the result of years of liberal democrats insisting that “minorities” need government help to get by on a generational basis. Of course the marauders who commit these crimes must accept the consequences of their actions, so we are on another crusade to act against the symptoms without placing responsibility for the root cause.

I was raised in an all white neighborhood where we had few opportunities to interact with or get to know black kids. I imagine that black neighborhoods were similarly isolated but more so. Racial epithets and anti Semitic language were not uncommon but neither were the common Italian, Irish or Norwegian slurs that kids throw around out of ignorance and smart alec behavior, common to all adolescents when in the company of their peers. It had more to do with turf than prejudice. Nothing was meant by it. Most parents do not accept that kind of talk at home and that’s why the smart talk was eventually weaned out of us. We didn’t hate and nobody told us we should. As far as I could tell only the black community is exposed to hate speech as a regular diet and it doesn’t differentiate between nationalities, it is anti white. It should not be tolerated or condoned anywhere but when it comes over the airwaves or from the pulpit it is especially onerous. Black parents, especially in two parent homes, are no different than white parents, brown or yellow parents. We want our children to grow up respectful and responsible and hate or hate speech is not tolerated where faith is instilled. Instead of ending poverty the so-called “war” is creating dependency and that impacts self esteem negatively. With the unemployment rate at historically high levels America has a record number of young disenfranchised people who are truly victims of government failures.

Millions of idle minds and twice as many idle hands are a sure fire formula for violence and gang activity as demonstrated by the growing popularity of the “knockout” game. It is obviously racist but it is not representative of America’s overall racial climate. It is symptomatic of the political climate this regime and black leaders who call themselves “Reverend” create. The message from the White House and from the Attorney General is that blacks in America are victims and descendants of victims, deserving of special treatment and reparations and white America intentionally keeps blacks from succeeding. That message is reinforced by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Jeremiah White and many others and somehow they are all Reverends. These “men of the cloth” who rush to the defense of black youths, innocent or not, ready to vilify their victims or attackers as the case may be, with venom dripping from their lying mouths and vitriol soaked “black speak” accentuating their hate message, blame whites for all their social ills and poison idle minds for profit. Is it odd that we never hear these “reverends” beseech the impressionable youngsters to join them in prayer, seek the way of the Lord and follow the teachings of the Bible? Race-baiting is not a calling or a vocation; but for the likes of these despicable opportunists it is a dubious profession.

The inevitable conclusion our young, both white and black reach, is that there is a race war in America and many of them are acting out. There is far more black-on-black crime in America and those are the truly unsettling statistics. To my everlasting consternation they seem to believe that Barak is a victim of white prejudice too, preventing him from turning America into a utopia for people of color and that utopia means free stuff to supplant personal initiative. These are not middle class sentiments; they are the ranting of an underclass that is intentionally agitated by politically motivated scoundrels. Productive Americans, black, white or brown don’t see the world from the same perspective and are more likely to see lawlessness as delinquency gone amok or a social failing. We’ve had some bad episodes in America and much to shame us but through it all race never prevented the truly gifted and determined from succeeding. There is no doubt that blacks were given second class citizenship and deprived of education and opportunity and I will not make light of the historical facts. It is also a fact that black initiative and determination broke the historical bonds and whites relented begrudgingly. I do not minimize or deny history but I will not join the hordes and diminish the changes for the better. When races are thrown together lasting friendships form. Left to our own devices humans tend to get along in this world and it is usually governments that create class envy, segregation and divisive laws. No government in my recollection contributed more to racial unrest than the Obama regime and the irony is that he has unqualified support from the people he’s hurting the most.

Racially America was a better place five years ago and until and unless we relieve Barak Insane Obama from his bully pulpit we will not appreciate the American racial melting pot that is evident all around us. The adults in the room are drowned out by people like the Reverends White, Sharpton, Jackson and AG Eric Holder and a president who does not lend the power of the office to advance equality by remaining mute when they should denounce race bating and set an example indifferent to color.

We citizens have an obligation to defend this nation against all enemies. When will we learn to recognize who the enemies are by their actions and pay less mind to their lies?

God bless America, all Americans. Brotherly love is not dead; it is not dying and suffers most from denial.


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