And Judas asked, “Is it I Lord?”

The enemy has learned to fight a war against us without our dissent.

All that remains for the United States to end the charade is for Barak to send Israel’s Ambassador packing. The bond between Israel and the United States is broken, perhaps beyond repair and all that remains of the unbreakable ties is a reprehensible sham. John Kerry made it official, at least in the minds of the not so dumb, with his disgraceful admonition to the Senate that they ignore Israel’s objections to the proposed treaty with Iran. The now official United States’ policy toward Iran has Valerie Jarrett’s indelible finger prints, John Kerry’s undiplomatic, callous representation and Barak Obama’s arrogant Middle East enablement initiative.

Kerry’s openly hostile remarks in the Senate should evoke a strong response from Ambassador Dermer, if not a direct condemnation by Netanyahu himself. If ever there was a more propitious time for Israel to take matters into their own hands it is now and it should be done with full and politically incorrect assignment of responsibility to Barak Obama’s cavalier support of Iranian objectives to the detriment of Israel’s and the United States’ best interests.

To save his people from another holocaust and Israel from further humiliation Benjamin Netanyahu may chance plunging the entire Middle East and allied nations into a war of attrition and shame on Israel if they hesitate any further. The exponential expansion of Muslim Brotherhood military power and political influence could not have evolved were it not for Barak’s meddling and blatant disregard for Israel’s sovereignty and the safety of her people; Netanyahu’s primary concern and principle responsibility. The US may not have a treaty obligation to partner with Israel against her enemies but the moral obligation is beyond question and the empowerment of her enemies is bold faced betrayal. If we are not officially wed to Israel we have been legally cohabiting since Israel’s birth. America’s hand print is on every one of Israel’s treaties with their Middle East neighbors and the United States is now responsible for most of those treaties being nullified or in jeopardy. This betrayal is unconscionable and I hope and pray that the American electorate recognizes the intentional condemnation of Israel and all Jews for what it is; a rejection of Israel’s right to exist. American Jews have been silent almost to the point of complicity. Do you not realize the bull’s eye is on your backs as Jews and again as Americans? I condemn this administration and the betrayal of Israel as a Christian and as an American. It would be no more or no less if I was Jewish. I am appalled as a member of the human race to think that one group of humans would tolerate the condemnation of another group to their death.

So please do not view this coming crisis in a vacuum. The scourge of the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to civilization, notably disrupting governments and civil societies wherever they squat, invited or not. The United States is no exception; France regrets their liberal invitation to the guests that stayed hoping for the funeral of the host. The elimination of Israel and the murder of all Jews will be followed by the coerced conversion of all infidels to Islam with death or enslavement the only other options. The diminution of Christianity is a persistent and growing phenomenon in America and anti Semitism has been on the rise worldwide, especially where Muslims have found safe haven.

If the world community closes their eyes to this atrocity I assure you they will not open their eyes in time to save themselves. You can take that as a religious prophesy or political reality; it is anything but poetic. The Muslim Brotherhood has stated their intentions and has acted out at every opportunity. Barak has made his decision clear; when push came to shove he chose Islam.

It is our duty as Americans to remove the threat to our Republic; Barak personifies that threat and the Muslim Brotherhood is intent on carrying it out.

Speak out and act out to save America and Israel will be spared. Speak out and act out to save Israel and perhaps America will be saved.



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